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02-01-2019, 07:02 AM
reward from take photo quest
reward from find .... quest
minimap not showing precisely where the camera is
can trade with neutral npcs
quests only show up at particular world, sometimes even the wrong one (eg.: slip past patrols to eli blacksworth's harbor @ new world.... entirely broken? doesnt work...)
the section for one of the classes of population dissapeared again.
more warnings when someone conquers (by attacking) your island (in another world) - luckily the takeover seems broken? the island keeps saying "we surrender" but nothing happens, even after buying back all shares.. she took over my island 2-3 times in a row before my ships arrived but only seemed to have bought the shares.
when a kill quest fails while the ship carrying the proof is underway (between worlds), the proof doesn't get removed and when you throw it over board it never dissapears.
dynamo and similar items can't be found anywhere

ability to zoom out more
copy entire buildings incl modules
shipyard show ship speed

public mooring has high upkeep (400$), while a normal island barely makes 300$ in visitors..
zoo parks influence costs are way too expensive.
less fire? upgradeable fire stations? somehow my steel industries constantly burn down... The info says they decrease probability of fire, but the counter doesnt decrease when you build another one..

adjustable gui scale
close windows with esc key:
- ship harbor trading screen
button press effects:
- ship trading wares with harbor
- darken background of trading goods in harbor
bug: consumption pause icon appears on other house classes, but tinting effect works as intended

final thoughts:
the economy is already now super complex, i don't really see where you still want to put engineers and investors
trains are only for transporting oil? a bit disappointing...
Here are my ideas:
Train stations boosting happiness of houses in range.
The bonus scales with the amount of houses and attractiveness of zoos and museums in range of other train stations that are connected with this one.

Train stations for transporting goods between warehouses.
This would require a nerf of the current system:
When a ware gets stored, it takes a while until it gets available in other warehouses.
With a train station in range this would happen 3x as fast.

02-01-2019, 08:03 PM
hope ubisoft is even reading this?..

02-01-2019, 10:12 PM
trade ships with a route can not be sent to the other world
add hotkey to switch to the other world
automatic rebuilding of burnt buildings? or at least some info in the gui?
automatic fire brigade mobilizing?

02-04-2019, 09:59 PM
- Multiplayer lobby has an invisible button under the difficulty settings (opening the advanced options)
- Did you remove time warp in multiplayer since the last technical test? god please don't say you're removing it from multiplayer.
- Please remove that the npc dialogues disable diplomatic buttons. hella annoying - maybe you could even add the ability to block the dialogues from some ******bags.