View Full Version : Matchmaking Issues

02-01-2019, 06:01 AM
Anyone else running into problems with the new matchmaking system? Itís only been less than a day but ever since the reset, it seems every team Iíve been running into has just been a 4 man gank squad patrolling the map. At one point I was matched against a team whoís average rep score was 270. Iím sitting here at 10. Missing the old skill based system already.

02-01-2019, 06:40 AM
The skill system was reset with today's update, so its basically a clean slate as to who you are going to be matched against until you play more and more matches and the system places you accordingly. also the matchmaking is now based off your win/loss rating and solely that. Still makes no sense why you are being matched with such high reps that probably have a HUGE amount of wins/losses vs your much smaller amount of wins/losses being your only rep 10......IMO there is probably a bigger amount of vets playing compared to new players, so you get matched with the only people available.

02-01-2019, 11:20 AM
It has been repeatedly repeated that reps do not equal skill. I’m rep 367 btw.
My only problem with the matchmaking is that I cannot find a match on daily basis when I moved to Western Australia. I am effectively cut off from the multiplaying aspect. The whole system is a waste of prescious time that I could spend playing other games more productively than sitting and staring at the screen. And again no, I’m not turning matchmaking off just so I can play all alone with minimum gain. Why is it so difficult to change this matchmaking issue?

02-01-2019, 08:41 PM
It has been repeatedly repeated that reps do not equal skill.

That I understand. Itís not based on W/L ratio. The only downside is that it gives gank squads that spam unblockables the advantage versus being paired with players that test your skill.