View Full Version : [Bug] [UI] Paused distribution of resources UI glitch

01-31-2019, 08:20 PM
The icon for paused resources doesn't seem to work correctly and affects (or depends on) UI of buildings on other islands.

Replication steps (tested on resource type "soap") :

- Click on a house and pause distribution of soap (or presumably any other resource)
- Go to a different island and click on a building of the same level
- In the UI you should see a pause icon on soap - even without hovering above it
- If you hover the mouse above the soap on the second island and then check the house on the first island you will notice the icon over soap disappeared

Not sure if it's relevant but it was replicated multiple times on:
i7 4720HQ, 16 GB RAM, gforce 950M, Windows 10
Graphic settings: all on Low