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01-31-2019, 08:19 PM
Sorry for my english, I try it so good as I can.

I play anno since 1503 and since 1503 I have a money problem. Every anno I need to install a cheat program where I can add money.
Ive just played anno 1800 and I run against the same problem. I know its not ment to be played with cheats but can you please implement
a money cheat somewhere. Where you can add like 10.000 at a time. This would make it much easier for me and more fun.

By the way I havent experienced any problems with anno 1800 while playing

Bye martinis66

01-31-2019, 10:46 PM
It's part of the game though, It is not hard to get a positive balance, even without trading, or buying shares of easy AI.
You just need enough population, and satisfy their needs.