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01-31-2019, 06:10 PM
Working on Beer Production.
Hop Farm setup with the correct number of fields etc
Farm shows cog above and is "Missing Fertility" and no hops produced.
No explanation how to correct this.

01-31-2019, 08:32 PM
Yeah, I have this problem too. Everything is setup to beer production except for the hop fields. I tried to put it everywhere on the island but its never fertile. Even the rain doesn't help.
Next thing I will try is to put it on destroyed sheep or pig pen, maybe it will work :confused:

01-31-2019, 08:59 PM
Different islands have different fertility. Try settling another island with the Hop Fertility.

01-31-2019, 09:48 PM
I'm going to move this over to the questions section of the forums. :)

02-02-2019, 12:01 PM
Well, I was expecting the rare (and expensive) "Quality Hop Seeds" item would provide fertility, but I was wrong.
Is it a bug or what's the item about?



02-02-2019, 12:15 PM
Your island doesn't have hop fertility. Only Potatos, Grain, Grapes (NOT HOP) and Nitra.

02-02-2019, 12:20 PM
Yes, that's why I purchased this item. I remember we were able to seed missing fertility in Anno 1404.
But okay, maybe I got the meaning of the item wrong...

02-02-2019, 12:20 PM
Hi All,

the "Quality Hop Seed" (can be bought from NPC main buildings as "Items") is providing the required fertility for Hops in the radius ot the Trade Union it is added to (not for the entire island as past games did).

http://www.kepfeltoltes.eu/images/2019/01/558N_vtelen.png (http://www.kepfeltoltes.eu/view.php?filename=558N_vtelen.png)

Hope this helps.

Thank You all and enjoy this great game,

02-02-2019, 12:21 PM
Ahh okay, now I got it, thanks!

02-03-2019, 01:43 PM
And where can I buy it?

02-03-2019, 01:48 PM
From neutral vendors (the ones not settling). When selecting their harbour, you're by default on the goods tab but you can click items to get on the items tab and from there check what they have. You have a button to change available items (costs more and more money each time you use it) and sometimes you will have fertility items. I've already seens some quite often on Madame Kahina, but not sure about the 2 others.

02-03-2019, 05:37 PM
some seeds you can get from the woman npc in Americas

02-03-2019, 06:41 PM
I was asking this issue happening on Dun town. And I adopt it as answer to resolve from Ekhamon . :)