View Full Version : [PERFORMANCE] Performance tanking after around 2 hours of play.

01-31-2019, 04:56 PM
Pretty much the title.

I had a similar issue with 2205, except in 2205 the performance didn't tank quite as bad. 2205 did crash shortly after though, so far 1800 is just freezing every 10-30 secs for around about the same amount of time.

CPU: i5 6500
GPU: RX 480 8GB
Other: Game is installed on a Samsung 860 EVO SSD dedicated solely to games
Minimal background processes running.

P.S. Instead of creating a new thread I thought I'd also mention that Vsync and Full-Window are being a bit inconsistent. Most games I can run in borderless or full-window without Vsync and Windows tends to take care of the screen tearing itself, not 1800 unfortunately. Full-window is also locking my mouse to the game screen and maybe 50% of the time pressing the windows key won't bring up the taskbar unless I tab out first.

On top of that Vsync did not work at all (while enabled in game) a few times, but restarting fixed it.