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01-31-2019, 03:51 PM
So we all know and love strategy or builder games in this forum, but firing up the closed beta and seeing that they still havent changed my suggestion from the playtests got me a bit dissapointed.

The advanced menu for settings when you start a new game is completely annoying.

So i start a game and since i wanted to see what was possible in the game so far i wanted to have it easy, so i went in the advanced settings, and put everything to the right side. (see where i am going) i then started the game. After 10 minutes everything just went bottoms up, the map was small the island where small low fertility etc. And i thought really is this the easy mode, i wonder what the hard mode is then.

So i went back out and start a new game and upon entering the advanced settings again i noticed the clusterf*ck, i seriously wonder who came up with this design.
Everything is counter-intuitive, every option is from left high to right low. Meaning that left is the high option and right is the low option.
That is not good menu design, the normal reading way is from left to right not right to left. (with the exception of some countries) this makes it weird for the brain because it now has to do the opposite as to what it is thought for so many years.

And to make matters worse, some options are right to left, and here is where the clusterf*ck starts. once you understand it you put everything to the left, but that turns of win conditions (as those are from left to right (left is low right is high) And no fleet (because while all other options are right low to left high) the fleet options between those option is the opposite.

So my suggestion is this.
All options should be used like this.

Option 1 on the left is low. Option 2 is medium. Option 3 is high. And so on.
Or simply: low - medium - high

This will make the game menu more intuitive and less of a chore, because right now from an objective standpoint this makes absolutely no sense.