View Full Version : Ubi, what are your plans on making PK less predictable?

01-31-2019, 03:23 AM
She has no unpredictability factor. She has no flow. She has nothing to help her open up and counter her opponents. Even after this touchup, she will still be the worst hero in the entire game sitting at the absolute bottom. When that "rework" was passed, it was promised that she would still be viable, balanced, and fun. It's time to actually make that promise come true for once.

When she goes into her chain, she is restricted to LLH or HH chains only. This could be fixed by just allowing her to do any combination of L or H (LLL, HHH, LHL, etc)
When she does a softfeint into dagger, it can only come from the top. Why only the top? Why not from all sides? On top of that, it completely ends her combo. Allow her to use it from any side and have it act as the first hit in another chain so that she can keep moving.
She has nothing to pressure her opponent with. They can literally just sit there and block or counterguardbreak everything. Making the second hit in her zone unblockable would allow her to push some sort of pressure on her opponent.
Because her main source of damage is still bleed (which has no special mechanic to it like Shaman or Nobushi), her effectiveness is massively dwindled. Bleed is cancelled by Thick Blood, various healing feats that pretty much every hero has, and Revenge itself. That last one is a huge problem because bleed fuels Revenge extremely fast. Giving some sort of special feature to the bleed might make it worthwhile, but it would probably be safer to just move the bulk of that bleed damage to just regular damage so that opponents actually die when they've received enough damage to be killed.
Her lights are no longer special. She has opening lights of 500ms, the same as any other hero in the game. There's no reason to use "she's fast" as an excuse to not have any countering tools anymore. There's even a good roster of heroes that now have 400ms lights in their chains as well, and they have a ton of extra countering moves on top of that speed.
She has slow heavies of 800ms that will still do less damage than Centurion's (who has 25 damage, with 600ms opening/500ms finishing heavies) after her damage bump. These either need to be around 30 damage at their speed, or they need to be faster. There's literally no reason for her top heavy to go up to 900ms either for only 23 damage for being such a small, light sword. It's a sword that's very similar in size and shape as Warlord's and Black Prior's sword, it should do similar damage for that speed.

01-31-2019, 10:40 AM
Community have been pointing out those problems with PK (as well as same solutions) SINCE "revork", they really don't care all those words of "close look" and "gathering feedback" are just the wind.

And though I can't say to you - just don't bother, (as if you not asking for change it wouldn't happen), but the devs very actions (or rather lack there of) speak for themselves.

I've let it go.