View Full Version : ornaments wich affect your street view

01-30-2019, 10:01 AM
Now ornaments are going to make a diffrence in the game, we will all certainly be using alot of them.
A very neat and unique way we could affect our own personality (as well as the npc opponent's personality) into our city's streets would be to create ornaments wich add speciic people on the street.
So not just people wandering the ornament itself.
These ornaments also should not just be parks and trees and such but can relaly make your city come to life!

Things like this could be:
-musicians hall wich allows a band of musicians patrolling your streets.
-circus wich allows a few artists wandering your sreets
-prestigous fort (or old looking guard towers) wich allows a few military patrols on your streets (this would be great for personality)
-art workshop wich invites painters to your streets who make paintings
-market stalls wich add more street sellers to the street vieuw
-flag makers wich allows flag bearers into the city
-craft halls wich set up some small crafting places around the streets

But also existing needed buildings can add stuff like this
-taverns wich allow drunken people on the streets
-when a larger church is build some priests and nuns walk the streets
-scools allows more students around the town

Things like this could really give us nthe opportunity to express our personalities into our cities without affection gameplay.
And like i said since ornaments will be something wich will be used alot in this game...

01-31-2019, 04:03 AM
Agreed and I just suggested a Grand Hotel - see my suggestion :-)