View Full Version : Afk ban is severally flawed in dominion

01-29-2019, 02:50 PM
Yesterday i was playing a dominion match, as i always do i capture the first zone and stay a bit boosting it until my mates ask for help at which point i move.
In this game however we were doing quite good, we had zone b, enemy zone was contested by my teammates, so i stayed at base zone A boosting.
Usually an enemy would come and i would have to fight him, but in this ocassion no one came so i stayed there boosting.
30 seconds goes by without a single enemy in sight and i get the message in my face kicked for afk.
I was literally boosting the zone earning my team 2+ points and was banned for it.
And if it wasn't enough i received a 15 minute ban for playing the game the way it's intended, this was extremely infurating so i simple left the computer and went outside.
But seriously, this needs to be fixed asap, yesterday i experienced this for the first time, but its a possibility that exists,
possible fixes could be:

-(In general)Not considering afk a player who is currently earning points
-(In dominion) Not considering afk a player inside a capture zone