View Full Version : Man Bear Pig is looking for you (to join us)

01-29-2019, 02:12 PM
Are you looking for an active team that also understands that this is a game and not your job? For a group that will let you both receive quick request fills but also understand that you might only pop on once or twice a day sometimes because life happens to be a thing? Then come over to our team, Man Bear Pig. We dont set minimum donation requirements or a need to join discord (though we do have one for easier discussion). Instead we get that life happens and we are just looking for your all when you have the time to play to be active in our team events and wars while giving us a heads up that you may be away for a bit. We currently have several slots open with members that have gone completely AWOL that will be cut since they didnt reach out. We ran at 60% team activity last team war and got around 2200. With a full active team that includes you, that could be easily be doubled. Search us out now and I hope to see you on the roster soon.