View Full Version : Thank new invite and i am not forgotten

01-29-2019, 01:50 AM
I am glad i am not forgotten, i bought especially, new game, high graphic demands upgrade intelhd530->gtx1050 to gtx1070 8GB ddr5 VRAM, so i gues i must play a nice MP game smoothly and 24 gb of regular ram, samsung m2 SSD, for fast access big textures and other game files. Ofcourse i7hyperthreat cpu.

Can not wait, only online reseller most do his job, checking system again a lot faster. Maybe prevoius closed test nov, it maybe almost roasted motherboard this nice beautifull game. I can not wait proper test the game. After anno2205which i then bought preorder, i hope learned the must to more and good proper testing.

I am very hopefull this time.