View Full Version : Please consider not making most guns obsolete and more tips for DEVS!

01-27-2019, 05:23 PM
- please consider not making most guns obsolete so that we basically only choose M4 and LVOAC as AR for instance.

- please consider not making any endless long music notes when in crafting menus for instance. It feels like brainwashing people with those tones. Can't turn the sound off, I'll miss stuff like ingame chat over voice.

- let Division 2 have some good 5.1 sounds when you turn around stuff like a running engine can really be heard when you turn around. It feels like the sound department if there is such a thing at Ubisoft is at a very low priority.

- have guns sounds be more like Wildlands. When you fire a snipergun in Wildlands it really feels like a shot from the real thing. Guns in Division sound like fake BB guns. When you shoot an SMG with a D3 set for instance it is constantly the same repetitive bulletsound, extremely tiring on the ears. Especially because Division mobs have so much armor and health. It takes a long time before they are down.
Please! Make some variation in the sound, with ricochet on different materials etc.

- let Division 2 have some world events or at least more stuff happening when roam the city. The beauty in the cities of Division 1 is mostly ignored because nothing is happening in it. Only the first time you'll do some walking and after that you will find no other players in it to interact with.

- more blood on impact of bullets, on criticals for instance or when you flinch or just when you are nearing the end of your health that impact on yourself gets more bloodier.
The shooting on NPC's is already weird emptying a lot of clips on one enemy to get it down. Let there be some connection to the shooting we're doing on them. The thing in Division 1 looks like the big tomato blood drops when you're wounded.

- more female character customization

- When you do matchmaking, we would like to see a tag for preferring to stay the leader.

- more female attackers, feels like only men are in jail or only men can be bad. Have some imagination with maybe a huge fat lady that even the fat burners are scared from, calling her Mother or whatever.

- randomly or specific cars that can explode, packs of dogs that can attack either random enemies or friendlies, just more interaction with the city. Feels like no one would ever smash a window to loot stuff everyone in the city is behaving so incredibly best behavior when they're hungry and everything is going to hell.

- why is Ubisoft always saving on patented music. There are some really missed chances of having that cool feeling like when you fly a helicopter in any of your shooters with some nice 70's music or something.
Themed music parts to support the action or sadness on those moments.

01-28-2019, 01:39 AM
Definitely a lot of interesting ideas here. Thanks for taking the time to share all of this. I'll be sure to make a note of what's here!

One thing I found particularly interesting is your observation about the total lack of female attackers. It's something I'll admit I never really noticed.