View Full Version : Xbox One Question Are There Any Plans For Xbox One X Patches?

01-26-2019, 05:19 AM
Ever since the Xbox One X patch for Assassins Creed 1 released over a year ago I have been excited to see if the rest of the games in the series will receive an update as well. So far there has been no news whether the rest of the games in the series will receive One X updates. This makes me disappointed because of how much potential this has to bring people to replay all of these games and experience the entire story in enhanced visuals. I am aware that the PS4 Pro has received updates for The Ezio Trilogy and Syndicate so the teams at Ubisoft have experience updating these older games to have higher resolutions and better visuals. I am looking forward to starting a marathon leading up to Odyssey and hopefully this will make its way to someone that can make it a reality and make die hard Assassins Creed fans on Xbox very very happy. :)

01-27-2019, 01:19 AM
Hi Somber_Noise,

First welcome to the forum!
There is currently no update concerning any Xbox One X patches.

A marathon finishing by Odyssey is a great idea! If you decide to do it nonetheless please share a link on the forum. I am certain the community will show some support! :)