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01-24-2019, 11:57 PM
For honor use to be my favorite video game but now itís just a broken mess I canít speak for all platforms but Iím sure console players mostly can agree this game is no where near as good, smooth, and functional as it use to be. Your guys dedicated servers suck players with bad internet have the advantage and I canít even begin to comprehend why players with bad internet are able play with players who have good internet. The timing on attacks and blocking is inconsistent and in a game that requires skill there sure are heroís that can over power anyone. But in all of this instead of fixing the game ensuring that the people who have dumped so much time and effort into this game are now left with a bad taste in their mouths as constant issues stay the same while you just dump out more heroís and content. Updates involving character patches and major mechanic/bug fixed that we would see every week or two arent coming out till months later. Absolutely lazy how can I enjoy new characters if the games is unbearable to play and I know damn well that Ubisoft hardly ever looks into the forums but literally damn you guys youíre all lazy and damn you for letting such a great game take a dump, I canít wait to see how broken this stupid knight character is gonna be and instead of balancing theyíll leave everything the same or maybe the new character will be so over powering theyíll nerf shugoki again. Ubisoft you guys are a joke in the gaming industry and all your other games will fail if this is the kind of effort yíall put in.

01-25-2019, 12:12 AM
I'm just hoping Black Prior is so OP and busted that it makes everyone stop playing the Wu Lin, JJ especially. They're a shining example of how the game lost its track and fell down the rabbit hole. No game I play with those characters is any fun because of how annoying or busted, or both, they are. That's the BEST way to describe every Wu Lin character: Annoying. They're unfun to fight, in some cases busted yet they will always have defenders wanting to keep their busted status. Let's hope Black Prior is a new breed of broken that shuts down the Wu Lin. I'll be happy if it shuts down every other character too, just so long as the Wu Lin go away, preferably removed from the game.

01-25-2019, 08:30 AM
Would be pretty sweet if the new characters completely countered and owned wulin, but were completely average against everyone else somehow. And then they would market that to people who arent fond of wulin with a cinematic trailer thats continuation of the wulin reveal one,where the trailer just ended, as tiandi cuts down that warden, spiky shield is about cut tiandis throat open, and then we get a shot of something even further away behind the siege and other vulinn, its a...skull cloud! (because true darkness and all that stuff!)and in it dark gloomy new heroes marching and then we get sick dramatic dark music playing and shots of rest of the vortigers three dark gloomy medieval style looking buddies, cutting down the wulin! Warhammer hero makes grandpas head explode with his hammer from behind, because they reject chivalry and honor afterall. Or better, we dont even get a shot of grandpa getting killed but rather just a quick look at warhammer choking midair lifted grandpa and cut to next shot, and then we finally get shot of tiandis head parting with his body and hitting the camera as vortiger cleans off his shield or sword from the blood and then looks upwards somewhere and the trailer ends.
That would be pretty hot!
... now i just remembered one of the 4 new is wulin... hm, maybe he shows out of nowhere and try stop one of the other three from butchering his wulin friends, ending in stalemate with one.

01-25-2019, 08:34 AM
Thatís exactly whatís gonna happen dude these next four heroís are gonna be a whole new breed of broken because Ubisoft wants to render the original 12 heroís useless the kind of effort they show is pathetic Iíve been a long hard fanboy of this game and now I wouldnít recommend it to a single soul because HALF THE CAST IS UNPLAYABLE completely useless like why tf are half the Samurai counter fighters!? That crap doesnít work in this game itís their excuse to make a boring empty abyss they call: shinobi, orochi, and Aramusha counter fighting doesnít work when you use the same three moves or if console could even render the attack at decent frames to even see it coming