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01-23-2019, 10:38 PM
Assassin's creed fixed

don't like odyssey but doesn't mean those ideas can't be melded into a better whole, obviously just a dream game

Modern -> Past -> intel -> Modern

Modern day mission
full sync missions
brotherhood system
removal of all microtransactions

follows 3 systems
- speed of attack
- armor/ hp stat
- damage
each gear is under certain tiers which are limited by current level

purpose in mechanics - systems should have reason to exist a moment that mechanic is useful, more isn't better, bigger isn't better, one system to handle something rather than 3
- enemies are in different tier/levels, limit to 10 levels, obviously gear is best suited when matched to opponent level and above
- some enemies require multiple counters
- some enemies can counter and should be attacked by distance (gun/b&a) or stunned (knee to face, taunted)
- some enemies have non counterable attacks and need to be stunned or evaded
- some enemies have non blockable attacks and need to be disarmed, evaded or taunted
- non blockable (blue indicator) can be countered
- non counter-able (yellow indicator) can blocked
- non blockable or counterable (red indicator) must be evaded


evolution on syndicate, odyssey and classic: mechanics to parry, counter kill when hp is low or high enough level difference (my lvl > (opp lvl + 3), disarm, specials, block, grabbing, throwing, environmental attack (close to a wall to have characters bounce off it as syndicate or character to finish attack by running up wall to do roundhouse kick,etc)

- camera spacing of syndicate
- chain kill and group kill to a attack meter, attack meter to regen health, risk reward (heal up or pull off more kills)
- chain takes one meter per but group is one but requires positioning
- special attacks by holding special attack and one of the face buttons (x/o/T/sq), just four, customized to ones preference

skill tree

less is always more, don't need 3 skill trees, need one defined progression for the character (who is defined) and grows throughout the story
- exp to level up and gain 1 skill point
- exp is only to the story missions, will always be ready for the given challenges
- certain skills will auto unlock during story progression (eagle vision classic, double assassination, etc)


world is within the animus, doesn't need to over complicate directions as you have "already" found the location as its the past, work within the spoilers of the past

- animus can tell a location
- animus can show mission select which can inadvertently show game story still has more to show
- animus can have minimap


core to the series, needs to have it for story consistency to "synchronizing" with that part in history, otherwise why not skip to the end and gain the info the modern day wants
- synchronizing unlocks world and mission icons
- map faded out til you do
- areas in the world not unlocked until story allows it, not just a sandbox but a book that slowly unravels as the pages are turned


one of the better and missed systems of the AC series, allowing you the feeling of raising the brotherhood up, being a part of it and watching it prosper

- like merc system, you can recruit allies in the world who have randomly generated names (aside from story based ones)
- can call them to assassinate, hide you or brotherhoodd specials (like brotherhoods' "arrow storm" skill)
- they level up and you upgrade their gear
- depending on timeline different weapons picking up to 2: sword, dagger, spear, fisticuffs, axe, machete/tomahawk
- different side tool picking 2: crossbow, bow, smokescreen, shield, poison gas
- always have assassin blade on them
- on missions you send them out on, they can become captured which requires going on a specific mission to rescue them in a segmented level (separate from base game world), could be icy, hot, desert, grassland, etc

when leveled max (max. 10) they can reach the higher ranking of the assassins

- now can give you side missions (i.e. brotherhood missions)
- gain new gear and weapon customization


the core to a good stealth system than a stealth lite system is maximizing on the core idea of the game's stealth of homogenized styling
- the key here is "hide in plain sight"

- still needs certain systems for the player to properly inspect for controllable gameplay
- alert bar (rises as someone starts seeing you and raises to different tiers as the situation worsens)
- shadow bar (how in the shadows you are)
- sound bar (how noisy each action is)

when enemy is alerted they enter multiple different tiers of alert (work in progress)
- tier 0: where you typically start, enemies are unaware of you
- tier 1: an enemy is aware of your present but hasn't alerted anyone else, silencing them or hide again can reduce this bar if quick enough, enemy will look for what they "believed" they saw
- tier 2: enemy has alerted group and won't return to tier 1 anymore, enemy will seek you out and attack on sight
- tier 3: potential de-sync during some missions, enemies are on high alert, getting back to tier 2 is near impossible aside from certain methods (leaving area, assassin brotherhood skill to fake your death, etc)

Stealth moves
- stealth assassinate
- air assassinate (and not be seen)
- non lethal takedown
- hide in crowds
- blend in (seats, benches, pretending to interact with npcs
- grab someone to walk side by side (can't move too quickly as it raises the alert circle around you which if too high alerts those around u)


the key to the risk/reward of the assassin's creed game, can aggro and attack but risk the notoriety reaching levels making it harder to go back in stealth when one needs to, enemies will also hunt you (akin to merc system)
- plays part in certain mission (main and side content)

- raises by high-profile action (attacking, getting spotted, killing in front of npcs, fleeing when spotted, etc)
- makes it harder to go back in stealth, easier to spot by others even in stealth
- stealth takedowns may require additional input to deal with as enemy expected u

can be lowered
- rip up signposts to your notoriety
- pay off guards and people who put a merc on you or kill them to end the merc contract
- progress through story (if notoriety is tied to the story content)

01-27-2019, 05:55 PM
Modern day Assassin's Ceed can be only shooter! Modern day Assassin's Creed is called Far Cry!

02-02-2019, 08:22 PM
I'm playing through Rogue for the first time. One thing I appreciate is the stealthy assassins hiding to attack you, and that sixth sense your character gets when they are near. Sometimes, I have to check around and take them out before attacking an enemy base, and keep on my toes for enemies who don't show up as red marks in the mini-map. In future games, I'd love to see a Templar order that uses stealth tactics against you in a similar way.

02-04-2019, 09:44 AM
Yeah, I always liked that, the whispers still creep me out...

02-05-2019, 12:57 AM
I'm not sure the animus system exactly works that way.