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01-23-2019, 07:06 PM
Hello. I have come today to share a ranked list of the top 5 strongest heroes in duels on console. This is based on my opinion of the experiences I’ve had playing as a diamond rep 172 player on both ranked and regular duels. Feel free to comment opinions and thoughts.
((#5)): Kensei

In 5th place for this top 5 list is Kensei. With top heavys that can feint into side lights, an opener, and dodges, Kensei has a good mixup foundation. His zone is quick, has long range, and does decent damage. He gains hyper armor during certain chains with the top heavy unblockable. Forward dodge light is quick. Dodge side heavies are rather strong for counter attacking in certain situations, although easily parried if the move is abused. His neutral side lights are rather slow. Certain moves are more easily punishable than those of other heroes on this list.

((#4)): Shaolin

In 4th place for this top 5 list is Shaolin. With a kit that has a sweep, unblockables, an opener, quick triple lights, and other useful tools, Shaolin is in a good spot. His deflects guarantee a side heavy unblockable. Many tools are accessible from the easy-to-access Qi Stance. His Qi Stance lights have the superior block property. His Qi Stance heavies, especially his sides, can be quickly feinted. While he has many tools, I wouldn’t consider any of them OP. But he is definitely very strong. Strong enough to be just below what would qualify as OP.

((#3)): Conqueror

Now here’s what I consider to be OP when compared to the rest of the roster. Conqueror. Shield bashes are probably the best opener in the game. His full block stance can guarantee a free unblockable heavy when hit. His zone is quite safe. Side dodge shield bashes are good counter attacks. There’s not much else to explain. Although he lacks mixups and is vulnerable to guardbreak during full block stance. His damage isn’t necessarily as threatening as the rest of the roster.

((#2)): Berserker

This was very hard to decide. It was between berserker and another hero, but the other seemed to deem stronger. However, berserker is not to be underestimated. With hyper armor on like everything, unblockables, quick lights, and guard breaks that are difficult to counter during the chain of never ending hits (until stamina is gone), berserker is literal cancer for the enemy. His lack of range may be a downside. But he can deal quite a good amount of damage in a short amount of time. His zone is fast and offers good damage. Berserker is quite a definition of OP.

((#1)): Tiandi

And the strongest character in the game goes to...Tiandi. Between berserker and Tiandi, I had to give it to our Wulin newcomer. First and foremost, let’s dicuss his dodge side heavies. Yes, the initial dodge is vulnerable to guardbreak. But get tiandi in his side dodge heavy chain and he is completely invulnerable to hits and guardbreak if the chain of dodges continues with more dodges heavies. From this point, you can let the dodge heavy fly change to a dodge light. If you let the attack fly, you can follow up with a kick that can be feinted into a dodge light or another dodge heavy. If you choose the dodge light, you can deal another light or follow up with an opener that guarantees another light. And let’s not forget the zone. With (rather unexpectedly) long range and good damage, what’s there not to love? You can let the second zone hit fly, or kick instead which can lead to the mixups I mentioned before. Or just cancel in general and smoothly transition to a guardbreak if you choose. Oh and the forward dash light. Quite quick. And the opener can be accessible from neutral. And the kick acts like an opener if near a wall (for a light attack). The kick is also very likely to ledge due to the high knock back. Keep your distance mid-range for the most effective play style. Literally over powered. Against berserker, he can safely dodge the hyper armor attacks and get in a good spot to start an offense.

+ his dodge lights are undogdgeable if in range of the opponent.

Honorable Mentions:

- Warden’s shoulder bash is not OP. Warden is still strong though.
- 400 ms lights are viable, which puts heroes like orochi and Nuxia in a good spot. Not OP thought, and all the characters on this top 5 list can effectively shut them out.

01-24-2019, 11:10 AM
Interesting topic.
I'm a Diamond ppl too with 138 reps on console and 15 on PC.

I would say i overall agree except for Kensei.

Mine would be :

1/ Conqueror
So, not sure i need to explain. Conq is the best because he can just shut down anything you would try to attack him. And in another way he has some Tools which allow him to kill you slowly step by step in a very safe way.
Add to that his stam bully ability and in my opinion you've got the best dueslit for all platforms not only console.

2/ Zerk
Zerk, well just because PC or COnsole doesn't matter when a zerk attack you your only and safiest solution is to wait and do Nothing.. his offense is ridicoulously strong and doesn't let his opponent the chance to fight back most of the times.
He has HA on almost everything he does, has a lot of UB and good dmg plus 400ms light feint.

3/ Warden
So i put Warden in mine because compared to pc, on console his lights and zone are pretty viable and he can chain with Sb or UB. His SB in my opinion is an OP moove (tracking, range, feint window, dmg you can get from that compared with the very small risk reward).
He also has the best superior block of the game. Only from the top but it is a 40 dmg moove which guaranteed a 15dmg top light and then can chain with SB ..
He is also a good turtle, he has damn good OOS pressure game. In my opinion he is a pretty strong pick.

4/ Shaolin
Shaolin because his mix up is damn fast and unpredictable and his 400ms top light from neutral can shut down many others offense.

5/ Tiandi
Because despite having 400ms 2nd ligt, a very good zone and an insane 500ms bash from neutral, his gameplay is more predictable than most of the 4 above him in my opinion.

Of course with their 400ms lights Roch and Nuxia are in a good spot too and i would add Valk.

So why do i remove Kensei from my top 5. I have 30 reps with Kensei and in my own experience his is very good in group fight and to be more exact in anti gank situation. But in duel, he is pretty basic. His top heavy mix up is slow and telegraphed. His zone is fast yes, but considering his only way to attack is zone or top light (because side one are parried) or top heavy mix up (which doesnt work most of the time), then his offense is pretty telegraphed and useless.

His dash and followed light with HA is a very usefull combo in anti gank but most of time you can't access to it in a duel against a decent player.

So at the end, he is only dangerous on his UB mix up. Which is not that easy to access in duel. The easiest way is the foward dash light.. but if you do it too much you get punished, fast or not ;)

But of course that's just my mind about it and i like to hear different point of view !