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01-22-2019, 05:55 PM
Hello dear Ubisoft! I really need french support because Ubisoft is France`s company. Ubisoft did amazing game - Rayman Legends, I and my friend everyday play in it on Playstation4 or Xbox One. But we have a bit trouble. We dont have VIP status. Ubisoft gave it only in 2016. For Ubisoft its only skin, but for us its great support! I wrote to Russian support, but they dont have a roots to give vip. I and my friends everyday think how can we get vip, but we dont have solution. We destroy top 10 everyday and take top 1 easily. We do Rayman :wink: But we really want vip status, and we have a lot of proofs! I and my friends decided to write messages! If you will get a lot of messages about us problems dont surprise) We also wrote on Facebook and called 1 hour ago! We can do everything to get vip status! I also did Microsoft Word file with players who have stay vip status. We also have youtube channels. I called it "Finally VIP list". Repead we will do all and we can wait a lot of days to get it! Thanks for reading and good luck!
With best wishes
system9998 - on PC;
byKovalsky - on Xbox One
Azzaw2200000 - on Xbox 360;
YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRziA5dheqKMIAZpvVxEG8w?view_as=subscriber
I hope I will get answer ^^

1 DarDar2005 USA Land lums\speed Xbox One
2 drobiazdzek Poland Pit speed\lums Playstation 4
3 zGhost Italy Tower speed Playstation 4
4 byKovalsky Russia Extreme dojo Xbox one
5 Stigmou France Land lums\speed Playstation 4
6 RedPablillo Spain Extreme dojo Playstation 4
7 Kruchy7777777 Poland Extreme dojo Playstation 4
8 zaky05 UK Land speed\lums Playstation 4
9 DevinSpeed2004 Germany Pit speed\lums Playstation

01-22-2019, 06:14 PM
system9998 is right, VIP players do not represent reality well now. That's why 8 people deserve VIP status. The community is gathered for this request and we hope to get it from you ! Thanks