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01-19-2019, 09:38 AM
What natural disasters can we expect and how do we rebuild from them?

In the past (please add if i forgot a few) we had:

-volcanic eruptions
-oil spills

Wich disasters would you like to see returning?
I think it would be nice to see them all returning!
But it would be nice if buildings where to be destroyed by either city disasters or natural disaster they would return as a blueprint so you can rebuild more easely

it would also be nice to see some disasters only appearing in some maps or at least have a higher change.
Like tornado's will apear more in the new world for example

What also would be cool would be that fire's are also more able to happen in industrial area's or farms,
And rather then letting it burn down perhaps it is possilbe to send (perhaps with a cost) a fireman from the settlement to those distant workplaces provided they are accessed by a road. It would give the game a much bigger realism.

apart from bad natural disaster why not add some good ones to?
perhaps a rain storm can increase farms production for a while (opposite of draught)
or some exeptional sunny days wich make your workers produce goods at workplaces faster
Or some events wich make your population consume alot more or alot less from certain goods then they are used to?
a draught could increase drinking goods consumption but decreases food consumption for example

what do you guys think?

01-19-2019, 06:44 PM
I'll be happy if we can select disasters in the settings. Because, some disasters like tornadoes I really don't enjoy. They cause a lot of destruction and you can't do anything about it. But I think it was already confirmed that we will be able to turn certain disasters off in the settings.

Natural 'disasters' with positive effects sound interesting. But I don't know if they can have a big enough impact on the gameplay to make them really 'noticable' if you know what I mean.

01-20-2019, 02:45 AM
That is some great ideas! ;)

I remember the disasters in Sim City on Super Nintendo. That tornado caused so much damages...
Remember the pirates are watching in Anno 1800. :eek:

01-21-2019, 03:48 PM
Hey folks,
natural disasters won't be in the release version. You will have to watch out for your Factories as Fire Hazards are something you'll need to consider, when building a city (so build those firestations ASAP).

01-21-2019, 04:26 PM
Aww :(

Well on the bright side i think maney add ons from previous anno games added natural disasters.
Even if it where only cosmetic ones like a rainstorm or something can create a big immersion to the game.
Perhaps some big moving storms wich creates waves wich slightly damages and redirect ships or perhaps making them difficult to control would be awsome.
As for the destruction, i think disasters where always very well balanced in terms of destruction.
It would just be very nice now with the blueprint mode that when buildings are destroyed (perhaps even by enemy hands) they return as a blueprint rather then completly dissapear.
I think players annoy themself much much more about remembering what was there rather then the cost to rebuild it.

If the option to fight fires was more island wise (like my suggestion in the first post) more natural disasters could also start some fires without causing to much damage but can give a nice extra challenge and life to the game. Having to build a firestation with every 2-3 distant factories you place would quikly become a bore tough.