View Full Version : Known Issues - UPDATED - Feb 22

01-17-2019, 01:31 PM
[All Platforms] The pre-order pop-up UI will not correctly display the text for the Arabic localization.
[All Platforms] Trials Rising disclaimer text will appear in English language regardless of the users selected language.
[All Platforms] The Flaming Man challenge will not display all the distance units correctly for Arabic, Brazillan Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese localizations.
[All Platforms] Every second track played in Multiplayer is unlocked on the single player world.

Workaround: Playing through single player first will unlock Open Beta track naturally. You will only encounter this issue by playing through public multiplayer match first.

[All Platforms] All sounds will disappear from the world map after viewing the unlock cinematic for the Helium Bike.

Workaround: Skipping the Helium Bike unlock cinematic, sound will remain on the World Map.

[PC] Frame tearing is present on 21:9 screens in borderless and windowed modes on Windows 7.

Workaround: While playing Trials Rising in full screen mode, users will not encounter this problem.

[PC] Progression from the Closed Beta may have transferred over to the Trials Rising Open Beta. This can result in certains parts of the game being locked (i.e. bikes)

Workaround: Deleting data from past test phase like the Closed Beta and disabling Uplay cloud saves may help resolved this issues for you. For more information on how to delete save data and disabling cloud saving, please visit this FAQ (https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/Faqs/000040756)

[PC] Selecting Trials Risingís language in Uplay does not change the language in-game.

Workaround: Changing the language in the in-game options menu will allow you select your preferred language.

[PC/Switch] Customization and poses do not load for other players in the multiplayer lobby.
[PS4] News tiles donít update on the main menu screen after the user have switch to a different language.
[PS4] Players may encounter a crash on the loading screen after selecting Hard Hat Zone and Lynx World after track voting in online multiplayer matches.

Workaround: During the voting screen in public multiplayer, avoid selecting these two tracks (Hard Hat Zone and Lynx World), in doing so, you will not encounter this crash.

[PS4/ Switch /XB1] Rewards icons will appear misaligned on the reward screen when completing a challenge.
[Switch] Nintendo Switch players may encounter de-synchronization issues (gameplay freezes and catch-up) during public multiplayer sessions with low speed internet connections.
[XB1] After completing the Lynx World contract, players viewing replays of riders using different bikes can encounter the client crashing when quitting the replay.

Workaround: After completing the Lynx World contract, avoid watching player replays during the Open Beta.

[XB1] FOX Motorcross boots displays wrong wording on Lynx World contract pop-ups for when contract is selected, and is completed in German localization.

[All Platforms]Stadium Finals Offline Ghosts are too difficult

The ghosts in Open Beta are not final. The final game will have easier offline ghosts.

[All Platforms] After beating stadium finals offline ghosts players are matched with difficult opponents from the leaderboards when they replay it.

This is not the intended functionality. In the final game players will always race against the offline ghosts.