View Full Version : Play Might & Magic Heroes VII at 7094x3741@29Hz 4K Monitor.

01-17-2019, 02:43 AM
Dear Friends, Orcs, Dungeon Crawlers and other creatures,

I am testing Might & Magic Heroes VII in a new 4k Samsung Monitor together with GeForce RTX 2070, i7-700 @ 3.6Hz, 32 RAM, Win10-64.

Several types of games are running in Ultra HD at 7094x3741@30Hz beautifully.

However M&M.H7 crashes and resets back to Windows Desktop everytime i select that same resolution at Graphic Settings in the Menu Options Video, regardeless if it is selected as windowed, fullscreen or noborder windowed.

I am trying to edit the C:\ User \ Documents \ My Games \ M&MH7 \ MMH7Game \ Config \ MMH7SystemSettings.ini <-- (configuration file)

Editing the Lines:


But i don't know how to insert the correct .ini file syntax line to insert the right 'Refresh Rate'. (Example: 29Hz or 30Hz)

I don't know if i leave the value 'True' or 'False' at the line:


i have tested both values with no success, i Always get the black screen game crash.

Please i need help,

May the Gods and Mithological Hydras be with you.