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01-16-2019, 06:44 PM
17/12/2018 - Chilling at a mates place after a couple drinks, 7 of us in the room and a couple of good bottles of booze that all seem to have a holes in them.

We get to talking about what games we are playing these days. We all went to high school together and have gamed together in everything from the WarCraft II days up until about 10 years ago when life started actively getting in the way.

A few games are mentioned as their current favourites. My turn and I say Rocksmith is pretty much the only game I play these days.

The usual "What is that” conversation later and some YouTube clips and the host is like, “can I use my bass on this?” I used to live with this guy up until about 12 years ago and had no idea he had tried learning bass a few years ago.

Conversation about cables etc and PC really needing the proper cable and it being a slight irritance to get in Australia, but the PC version is currently on Steam Sale.

He says this looks fun, if there was a demo I could try with my behringer interface, that'd be cool.

I laugh and ask him if he is serious? Pull my iPhone out of my pocket. get his lightning-usb connector, plug in his behringer (same one I use normally with iOS) and hand it to him. Half an hour later while he is working his way through "Heaven Knows" and the rest of us are talking about another game now, we hear him giggle to himself then utter - “f*%k I need this on pc”. His wife asks if it's "really that good? I've always wanted to learn guitar."

Midnight in Australia and 2 cables are being ordered online, game purchased on steam and about $200 is spent on dlc there and then.

18/12/2018 - I get a call about mid-day from the friends wife. "I'm in a pawn shop, can you tell me if this guitar is a good deal?". Head over to meet her and an hour later she is on her way home with a practically brand new Zack Myers PRS SE for a really good (for Australia) price, I'm a little jealous if I'm honest.

26/12/2018 At a holiday location that my in-laws have for Xmas, Some other family friends are staying nearby. I'm walking to their place and the 11yo grandson is sitting out the front plinking away at "Nothing Else Matters" on his acoustic. I stop for a chat and ask if he's ever heard of Rocksmith. He says no, so out comes the iphone, set to mic mode, I calibrate it for him and leave him with it while I go inside for a drink with his grandparents.

He comes in about 40 minutes later asking if anyone has a portable power bank - so he can charge my phone and keep playing outside.
His parents ask what he is on about, so we get to talking. He has a new electric waiting for him at home - a starter Ibanez to "match" Dads 90s Jem. I ask if they have any consoles or computers at home? Dad and son are PC users.

Boom, another copy sold on Steam and 2 cables ordered online.

29/12/2018 - I pull up out the front of the original friends place. I can hear loud music playing - nothing unusual there, but it's Hinder - Lips Of An Angel I'm hearing - not an expected song from this house. Walk in to find mate and wife in the lounge room rocking out on Rocksmith, he is singing along quite loudly. Song finishes, (82% bass, 27% lead) I applaud, mate turns around with a very embarrassed look on his face "don't tell the lads!" We have a laugh and I ask how they've been getting on, turns out they've both put in about 20 hours since they got the cables on the 19th.

Plans to go out get cancelled and we decide to stay in and have some food delivered. Call some of the friends that were there the previous week to join us. Evening ends up being about 8 hours of Rocksmith with 6 players mixing it up. 2 people that have never touched a guitar before enjoying themselves as much as the rest of us.

The usual "Why wasn't this around when we were in high school" comments. We agree to hit a few pawn shops the following Wednesday (weekend and new years in between) - 2 copies of the game and 3 cables are ordered that night.

TL:DR iOS allowed me to let some people "trial" Rocksmith while I was on holiday in a country that "can't" have the iOS version yet.
4 copies of Rocksmith on PC, plenty of DLC and 7 cables sold as a result.

01-18-2019, 04:34 PM
So free iPads from Ubi for anyone willing to do the door to door salesman gig like Zag?

01-18-2019, 05:31 PM
So free iPads from Ubi for anyone willing to do the door to door salesman gig like Zag?

I'd settle for them covering the booze bill :-)

08-31-2019, 03:32 AM
iPad may be cheaper.

01-02-2020, 07:15 PM
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