View Full Version : My thought on the game's graphics

01-15-2019, 11:48 AM
Hello guys ,

I've really wanted to talk about this topic a long time ago which is For Honor's graphics quality

I play on PC and i have S tier video card and A+ tier FHD monitor screen and i run the game on maximum limits with no issues

I'll talk about the pros and cons briefly ( game's graphics )

pros :



Characters ( including outfits + faces and weapons )



Cons :

Flames ( whenever i watch it , it gives me nostalgia of PS2 games ! ) which is truly a disappointment for a modern generation .

The ground environment in general and stones in specific ( it feels like a 2006 MMO game , very outdated looking )

I know this game was made in 2015 but it's still under ongoing development

a visual updates on the cons i've mentioned will be on point .

What do you guys think ?

01-16-2019, 10:22 AM
My set up is in dire need of a buff, currently it's sitting next to shugoki in the tier list.
Got a B-tier monitor and a D tier computer that starts up slower than the time it took for Shugoki to get a rework.

This is the reason why I play on console.
I really like the graphics and textures.
I haven't noticed anything odd or outdated in terms of graphics.
But that may be because I haven't seen the game or sunlight in a while but SOON I will be released from the torture that is exams.