View Full Version : Finally got another view on the bug where conq is immune to shinobi attacks

01-12-2019, 06:45 PM
If you think this **** is alright then there is something wrong with you. NO, this is not because of "dodge frames" on conqs bash, literally any other attack in the game besides shinobi ranged attacks can hit him at this exact timing. (Even if that were the case, why the **** would have have dodge frames AFTER the bash comes out) The game even thinks I hit him, giving me renown for a kill assist when he dies.


I've made so many f***ing posts about this and haven't gotten a single ubi reply.


This has been in the game since at least April 2018, possibly even the entire time since shinobi was introduced.

01-12-2019, 07:02 PM
Dropped Shinobi awhile ago and decided to pick him back up and actually went back and tested these things after I missed a few attacks on conq one game. Whatever conq bash is programmed to do or how to do it makes it immune to Shinobi ranged attacks.

Iíve tried various dodge attacks even all the ranged weapon feats but the recovery only seems to mess up Shinobi ranged GB and heavies. I would assume itís an oversight since there is no other moves in the game like these. But you would think if ranged weapon ( like bow and stars) would work then surly the ranged stuff would?