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01-10-2019, 09:40 AM
I'm playing Starlink for about 40 hours now, and a strange audio issue appeared yesterday.
The sound of the game (specially FX sounds) seems to be played inside a "canister" with something like metallic reverb/echo.
It occurs on both TV and surround amp.
I tried to change from surround to stereo (and back) but it doesn't help.
This strange effect disappears once i reboot the game (not the console) but it comes back after a while. I had to reboot about 3 times, each time the effect disappears but comes back after a while randomly.
Surprisingly, it seems that I now have the voice acting even in stereo mode when this problem occurs oO.

It wa late yesterday so i may have done something wrong with my sound setup but still.
I'll make some more tests this late and let you know.
Thank you.

01-10-2019, 11:59 AM
Hey M0ckyL0ck,

Does this occur when you are playing the game out of the dock?


01-10-2019, 12:13 PM
Actually i don't know as i play only docked. I'll give a try and let you know as soon as possible.
Thank you for watching this thread :)

01-10-2019, 11:12 PM
No problem M0ckyL0ck! There is a known issue with audio during cut scene specifically. We do have this FAQ (https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/Faqs/000038597) for audio issues available.

01-11-2019, 07:18 AM
Hello !
thank you for your reply, but it doesn't affect cut scenes. Actually, it affects FX sounds ingame (ship motors, weapons - you can here the more distorded sound with the Levitator, enemies).

So here a bit more of description :

- i own the physical game, from France.
- i bought the big DLC with every pilots, ships and weapons.
- it appeared at about 40 hours of game.
- it appeared the first time on Necrom, the last planet i discovered. All other planets are completed 100%.
- the sound seems distorded, like hearing inside a canister with metallic echo/reverb effect. Or like oldy compressed MP3.
- it affects FX sounds like explosions, ship motors, weapons, etc
- it can come and go randomly. Sometimes, if i leave the planet (still Necrom), it disappears once in space ; sometimes it remains. It can appears for a few seconds or last many minutes (dozens).
- rebooting either game or console doesn't change anything. The distortion can be here or not.
- it doesn't affect other games i booted from the console itself.
- i puuled out the cartridge and plugged it in back. No change.
- it seems to not affect the game of another user of my Switch (he discovered only the 2 "first" planets, dunno if it's related). At least for now. I am the main account of the Switch.
- it occurs both docked and handle mode
- even when the issue is "running", it doens't affect voice acting, cut scenes (even those loaded from the menu from Collection).
- I left Necrom, heading for Haven, the problem didn't came back (for now, played about 30 minutes after leaving Necrom yesterday).
- it seems to me that the console was a bit of hot when this occurs, but ...
- i never encountered this issue in any other game. The only other game i played in surround setup is Zelda BOTW. I played it for 200+ hours and never had this distortion.
- the console has almost never been played handled, 99% of its time docked.

I hope this will help in troubleshooting;
See ya !

PS : i really like this game :)

01-11-2019, 09:49 AM
Hey M0ckyL0ck,

Thank you for information, could you please take a video next time the sound issue occurs and forward it to our support team on our support website (https://support.ubi.com/en-gb/)

Once this is done the team can investigate it further.


01-12-2019, 08:30 PM
Hey !
so this is a vid showing the issue. Forgive the bad quality, but you can still get the problem. This time, no surround setup. Just a TV and its stereo settings.

I played today for about 1 hour in space, around many planets without any issue, but when i got onto Necrom, the problem came after a few minutes.

The vid starts on Necrom, showing the issue.
Then i go into space, where the problem remains.
Then travelling fast heading to Kirite.
Getting out the fast travelling, the problem is still here.
Then i land on Kirite and the problem is gone.

I really hope there is a solution, from my side (i can still make something wrong) or yours.

PS : i finished the game.
Now waiting for the second episode ;)

01-14-2019, 03:14 PM
Hey M0ckyL0ck, we're unable to view this video I'm afraid.
Please make sure links to any videos are public, thanks!

01-14-2019, 04:37 PM
Damn ! Dumb of me !
Now the video is public.
Waiting about your thoughts ;)

01-16-2019, 01:11 AM
Thanks for the video! I noticed you mention that you have tried with surround sound. Does it use HDMI output?

01-16-2019, 07:30 AM
My amp doesn't have an HDMI input but RCA for multi channel.
So i use a "extractor" like this one https://www.ebay.com/itm/HDMI-LPCM-5-1-7-1-To-Analog-Surround-Decoder-HDMI-Repeater-/323464211358 to get the signals for the amp.

I remind you that i had this audio distortion on 2 different TVs, stereo from TV or surround from amp, and the Switch itself handled.

01-16-2019, 06:03 PM
Thanks for clarifying! I tried looking for a support ticket under your account, and was not able to find one. Were you able to submit a ticket?

01-17-2019, 07:15 AM
Sorry i didn't even know i had to submit a ticket :/
How can i do this ?

Ok i created a case # 07786259 (french support).

01-18-2019, 05:47 PM
Thanks for the ticket number! We are currently looking into this issue for you. An agent had asked for you to try reinstalling the game on your Switch if you have not done so already. Let us know if that helps at all!

01-21-2019, 10:22 AM
so i uninstalled the game and re-dowloaded the data, plus the DLC.
Sadly, the sound issue is still remaining.
I discovered that on Necrom, there is a place where you can here the sound switching from nice to distorded (and vice versa).
I'll upload a video later in the week.
See ya !

01-21-2019, 01:49 PM
Thank you for keeping us in the loop M0ckyL0ck.

Once you have the video, please share the link to your support case so the investigating agent can also look into it :)

01-23-2019, 08:04 AM
Hello !
here is a vid showing where on Necrom the audio switches from normal to distorded
See ya !

01-23-2019, 07:19 PM
Thanks for the video! We appreciate your help so far :)

01-24-2019, 09:46 AM
So they told me they will inform their dev team about this issue.
Hoping it will lead to a fix.
Thank you !

01-24-2019, 10:10 AM
No problem, thank you for getting back to us!

01-01-2021, 02:17 AM
I have the exact same sound problem as the creator of this thread, also on Switch.
I did not as much research and testing as he did, but I also encountered this prpblem on Necrom first.

Did you not manage to fix this? It has been a year already :(

01-07-2021, 11:06 AM
Hello there XiaoYuanHao! Welcome to the forums :o

I can see that the development team marked this issue as resolved following TU5 (https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2048057-Starlink-Battle-for-Atlas-%E2%80%93-Crimson-Moon-Update-Patch-Notes-(April-29-2019)).

Have you been able to try some of the troubleshooting steps mentioend within this thread, such as the steps on this support article (https://support.ubisoft.com/en-GB/Article/000062271).

If the issue still persists, would you be able to provide a video that demonstrates this issue happening in-game? Thanks!