View Full Version : Far cry 2: APR closed door bug

01-06-2019, 03:04 PM
I decided to replay this game, but stumbled to this famous bug - stucked at 27% with only one mission mark at APR headquarters and a closed door.
EXACTLY the same place where i was stucked at 2009 when i played this game first time and i remember i gave up back then.
I cannot believe that after all those years this game breaking bug is still there.
I tried some solution i found online such as start combat in city and then escape cease-fire and resting in safe house, but none of them worked. Im still smashing my head into that stupid door. :nonchalance:
Is there some community patch or something like that? I would really like to continue this game.
Every other side-quests are completed, just this one inaccessible mark.