View Full Version : Highlander against turtles

01-05-2019, 04:49 PM
Highlander's OS light is the only way to hit a turtle. His kick, grab, kick>grab, OS heavy, OS heavy>hard feint>GB/crushing counter/parry, OS heavy>kick, OS heavy>grab and OS heavy>kick>grab, basically everything except for his OS lights can be easyly avoided on reaction.

The OS lights have only 10 damage and have too much stamina cost (25% of Highlander's maximum stamina). Although unreactable moves should have high stamina cost/damage ratio for balance, Highlander's OS lights have too much stamina cost. Even when all of his OS lights hit, a 1vs1 fight against a turtle takes a too long time. It should have a smaller stamina cost (15-20% of maximum stamina instead of 25%).

01-05-2019, 06:06 PM
Thing is, where to trade? Highlander is a monster in raw damage. Yes, this move is not damaging at all, but do not forget that if forces your opponent to react if you start using it. Besides, its 400 ms from neutral, it is not? Lastly, a few classes can turtle very hard against Highlander on a high skill level, but some cant. So .. considering his overall high damage ... just deferring a few points to this move by nerfing heavy output might be an option. But actually, I think its not that big of a deal as you make it to be.