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01-04-2019, 06:04 PM
I'm looking to get Just Dance 2019 for my family - we've never tried it before. We have PS4, XBox One and just got the Switch for Christmas. Which console would be best to get the game for?

I was thinking the Switch, but see it only uses the Joy Cons for the dance moves, which means it is only going by arm motion, right? Does it use 1 controller or 2?

I'm not clear on how the PS4 and XBox track moves. We don't have Kinect or PS Move, but it looks like you can use your phone? I think I read you can use your phone camera, but then all I see is people holding their phone the same as you would hold the Switch Joy Cons. I would think holding anything would not be ideal for many of the dance moves.

I tried a bit of Google searching, but can't find details on how this works. Can you use your smartphone camera as the motion detector or whatever for Just Dance? Does this work well? It seems like there would be a delay. I assume I'd have to set it somewhere in front of the TV.

And can multiple people then play on the one camera phone?

Like the subject says, Newbie here, just trying to get an understanding. Thanks!

01-05-2019, 05:21 AM
I've used Xbox Kinect, Xbox with phone, PS4 Camera, PS4 move, Wii U remote, Wii U with phone, and Switch.

I recommend Switch for family dancing, especially if you have children who aren't yet adult height. The Switch actually includes two Joy-Con controllers, since the two ends slide off the main controller and each can be used as a separate remote. I purchased a special value-priced version of the new Mario Party game that included a bonus set of controllers, so now I have 4 remotes that I can use with Switch. Ubisoft should follow suit and release a special value-priced version of the game that includes extra Joy-Cons for multi-player dancing.

You could use your phone instead of a Joy-Con, and although there are players who prefer that, personally I'm not fond of it. The Joy-Con is a slim remote, whereas the phone is large and heavy. I'd much rather hold a slim Joy-Con in my hand (better than the large Wii U remotes also). The phone is far more expensive, too: I'd hate to drop a $1000 phone while dancing.

Unfortunately, if you use a phone, you just hold it in your hand and use its motion sensors. The game isn't setup to let you use the camera function of the phone (to potentially track full-body dancing that way). It would be amazing if Ubisoft could develop an app that lets you use the phone's camera the way that Xbox Kinect works, but it's not currently an option (and maybe it's not viable; if it could work reasonably well, you'd think Ubisoft would implement it).

If you're content to hold a phone, you could use PS4 or Xbox (and then you could play two different ways, since you would also have the option to use Xbox Kinect or the PS4 camera instead of the phone).

Switch offers the best multiplayer gameplay experience, in my opinion. You use the Joy-Cons to tell the game which player is which, and it can easily keep track of which remote is which. With the PS4 camera or Xbox Kinect, the camera can get confused about which player is which, and when it happens, it really messes up the scoring. Halfway through the dance, it might swap the scoring of the players, or worse yet, one player's dancing might suddenly earn no score at all. Xbox Kinect's multiplayer function works better than the PS4 camera, in my experience, as the PS4 camera seems to get confused more easily, but the Switch doesn't suffer from this problem.

If a child less than adult height is dancing, this makes it more difficult for the camera to see the player and score that player's moves correctly, which you can imagine can easily frustrate kids. This is especially true with the PS4 camera.

My daughter prefers the Switch, since she earns much better scores with the Switch and it can successfully track her throughout the dance.

The PS4 also has PS Move controllers, which work like very much like Switch. The Move controllers are larger, but the cone-like shape does make them relatively easy to grip. One advantage of using these (though only 2 come in a box and they aren't cheap) is that you could sometimes use the Move controllers (for example, when smaller kids are dancing) and other times use the Camera (like when you have a single, highly competitive teenager dancing who wants to hit 13,000 on everything).

Using a remote (Joy-Con, phone, or Move controller), it is basically tracking the motion of your right hand. However, the game designers are pretty clever, so if someone is trying to "cheat" on the leg work and other aspects of the dance, certain moves of certain songs are going to pick up on this and penalize it. It's easy to get started dancing with remote gameplay, since it's far easier to get one body part to do more or less the right thing than it is to get your entire body dancing correctly.

Personally, I prefer camera gameplay (Xbox Kinect or PS4 camera). With remote gameplay, I tend to focus way too much on my right hand, and get a little lazy with my legs and other important elements of the choreography. When I use the camera, I'm much more focused on my footwork and more aware of my full body, and I feel like my dances come out better. My score tends to be higher with camera gameplay.

Xbox Kinect offers the best camera gameplay experience, in my opinion. It's fairly easy to set it up and get it to reasonably track your motions, and it can track extremely well. When you're new and you haven't learned the variety of things that the sensor might look for, you can take some X's and OK's for reasons that you don't understand, and it might seem like it doesn't track as well as it does, but the more experience you gain, the more you realize (potentially) that it works very well. It's not as easy to setup the PS4 camera and optimize it for the best gameplay experience, but there are threads on this forum that offer advice for setting up the PS4 camera (and your room, clothing, etc.). However, if you do get the PS4 camera set up very well, it can work almost as well as Xbox Kinect. I've danced to both PS4 and Xbox with Just Dance 2019, and my scores are pretty comparable across the board on average (but I spent weeks perfecting my camera setup, room, clothing, lighting, etc.).

I'm a self-taught "dancer." One thing I learned is to just watch the dance on YouTube and copy the footwork a few times (not worrying at all about my hands) until I master the footwork. I find that I learn the choreography better when I learn it from the ground up. Good luck and happy dancing. :-)

01-07-2019, 10:58 AM
Thank you Greek :)

mgw4jc I hope the above helps you decide which you feel might be best, it is entirely up to each person as often we prefer different methods.

Personally I use the PS4 and the mobile app :)