View Full Version : Improving Ranked could help everyone

01-02-2019, 06:05 AM
Between peoples' complaints in the forums and just my own experience when playing, I really feel like the game needs to see some improvements to the Ranked gameplay system. I'm about 19 Reps into the game and personally I know what I'm doing, but I feel like newer players aren't exactly in the best position. I played a full length dominion match earlier which was a close game, both teams breaking each other at the end, ultimately ending in us winning; however, the lowest person on our team's side of the scoreboard had a score of 84 after playing the ENTIRE MATCH. That's TRAGIC. Getting bodied like that doesn't make people want to play the game; newer players shouldn't have to deal with veterans and sweats to the extent that they currently do, that's what Ranked is for. However, the only way all of the tryhards and experienced players will go near ranked is if there are better rewards. In its current state, the game presents sweats with the options of A) compete against casuals for easy wins and regular rewards or B) compete against people equally as sweaty for fewer wins and thus fewer rewards but you get a shader. Granted, not everyone will make the transition because being a long term player does not imply that you want to play against sweats and professional cheese artists all the time (I'm on console so salt for days) but it should at least de-saturate the casual scene. There are people that can barely parry fighting "experienced" Centurions and that is only hurting the player base.

So I'd recommend:

A) A significant Renown/Steel increase appetizing enough to pull the High Reps out of casual

B) Keep the exclusive colors as a reward

C) Maybe even add a way to earn champion status through ranked play or xp boost tickets or something

D)* Consider adding a single pick system to Ranked. Experienced players have more than 1 hero they can use and fighting certain duplicates......like Centurions......... is a death sentence (Can you smell my hatred?)

One way or another, the skill levels have to be balanced beyond KD and win ratio because those statistical analyses don't take into account the teammates that a person played with and give a phantom skill rating. I.e "if you have a kensei and the other team doesn't, of course you won." Separating the sweats from the casuals is a start. As the number of casuals increases due to creating a more playable game for them, it should help make up for the steel micro-transactions that will be lost in giving Vets and Sweats actual rewards. Boom. Economics.