View Full Version : Things that I think the devs should have done

01-01-2019, 07:19 AM
The devs should of talked to the community more often earlier in those
last devstreams before marching fire and before season 5
also talk more about balancing of the game with the community that
plays this more often and competitively then the Devs themselves
not the light spam balance which is way worse on console than it is on
pc instead maybe try changing more of all characters moveset
for more mixups and change lights to 450 ms instead of the super fast 400 light
however a little slow on pc but not so slow on console
make it where in chains or combos of each character at a certain point
there should be an unblockable heavy or light mid-chain or late in the combo which can end with a believable feint.
also I welcome any opinions from anyone who thinks
this should happen more often or if they don't like what I put in this post
I even welcome the people who tell people to git gud because their not good themselves
ok and thank you for the opinions or recommendations when they get here.
I hope this game gets better as time passes on and I hope when the time it does get better
it's when the community works together not as seperate factions but as a unified community.