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12-29-2018, 02:22 PM
Hey everyone!

I've decided to compile a list of all the missing content from the PC versions of AC games that technically aren't "supported" anymore. Completitionist loves this franchise, and that's why even if you are missing a stupid cape, the whole thing feels kinda ruined:(

I'm not considering Odyssey for obvious reasons (for now).

So, after hours on Wikia, here's the list. Please correct me if I'm wrong and tell me if I missed something:

AC 2:

(PS3-PSP link) Bouchart's Blade
(PS3-PSP link) Dark Oracle's Bone Dagger
(PS3-PSP link) Fredrick's Hammer
(PS3-PSP link) Mace of the Bull
(PS3-PSP link) Maria Thorpe's Longsword
(PS3-PSP link) Twins' Rapier

AC Brotherhood:

(Project Legacy) Medici Cape
(Project Legacy) Venetian Cape

All of the above are available in Ezio Collection as Foreign Supply Pack #1 and #2, and for what I know, all the files are already there in the PC version, so it should be easy to unlock them (definitely easier than porting Copernicus DLC to the PC, lol)


(Dr. Pepper promo) Dual Cleavers
(Schick promotion) The Wilkinson figurehead
(McFarlane code) Aquila sails
(McFarlane code) Benjamin sails
(McFarlane code) Edward Kenway's Unique Swords
(McFarlane code) Haytham Kenway's overcoat
(McFarlane code) Royal Fortune sails
(McFarlane code) Queen Anne sails
(Initiates) Black-skull sails
(Initiates) Connor outfit for the Huntsman. (multiplayer only)
(Initiates) Maid of Amsterdam sea shanty
(Initiates) Multiplayer title: the Initiate. (multiplayer only)
(Initiates) Split-blood sails
(Community challenges) Black and Red Sails
(Community challenges) Captain Wheellock Pistols
(Community challenges) El Impoluto''s Figurehead
(Community challenges) El Impoluto's Wheel
(Community challenges) Explorer's Outfit
(Community challenges) Persian Scimitars

This is probably the biggest offender, between Initiates, Dr. Pepper, McFarlane, Community challenges, etc.... Considering that all the McFarlane exclusive content from Unity is sold as a DLC now, and all the "social" stuff was added in patch, it's kinda sad that they didn't do the same here on this one. Also, i've excluded the McFarlane code for the Initiates Achievement for obvious reasons, and i've included the multiplayer stuff since it's technically working and it should be possible to 100% it.

AC Rogue

(Remaster exclusive) Assassin Reward Pack
(Remaster exclusive) Initiate Reward Pack
(Remaster exclusive) Master Assassin Reward Pack

Now, the remaster came out this year so i'm not expecting seeing this on PC anytime soon, but i'll keep them here for reference.

AC Unity:

(Season Pass exclusive) Fleur-de-Lys Sword

The fact that Fleur-de-Lys is still unavailable makes no sense at all since Ubisoft made the season pass unavailable soon after launch... Make a 1$ DLC if you really don't want to give it away for free.

AC Origins:

(Monster Energy) Dust-Biter
(Monster Energy) Face-Breaker
(Monster Energy) Scepter of Thaati
(Monster Energy) Rain Bow

I don't own the game yet, but it looks like all the other items are available via Heka Chests or on Helix Store, but if somebody can confirm/deny it that would be great!

With that said, from what I know, these games has all the content included in the PC version, so props to Ubisoft for this:

AC Revelations
AC III: Liberation
AC Freedom Cry
AC Chronicles Trilogy
AC Syndicate

I will keep this thread updated in the future, I know that there at least one guy at Ubisoft who would like to see all this content to be unlocked in one place. Normally I wouldn't bother making a thread like this, but after seeing the update with Copernicus Conspiracy in 2017 and the fact that almost every thread gets a reply from somebody at Ubisoft, I think there is hope!

P.S. dear mods, please rename the thread title to the one you see in this thread, it's different in the catalog