View Full Version : Settlers 7 History Edition - Less functional than my previous version

12-28-2018, 07:19 PM
Was really pleased this Christmas to see the Settlers 7 history version updated for windows. Sadly having been trying to play it I have found it to be less functional than the previous version I removed from my PC.

Problems are: 1. You loose your profile and achievements when you switch to the `History ` edition.
2. Map forge doesn`t work not able to save or publish modified maps
3. Only the default castle available to players in multiplayer mode even if you build a castle in the forge you cant use it.
4 Desyncs randomly on certain standard maps without warning or reason - in multiplayer - end of game
5. Get error message being blocked from 3d accelerator this is a DirectX problem not necessarily the games fault
but can find no errors with Directx or GTX 980 card or drivers.

I was hoping for a long awaited update to what is a fantastic game which I enjoy playing with my family online - sadly this updated HISTORY edition has fallen well short of expectations.

I am however pleased to have learned about Settlers Alliance which is in the pipeline sounds very exciting I just hope it has the same balance of building and fighting.

So Settlers creators are you going to fix these bugs or are we left to live with them and consign this version to History?

Best wishes for Future releases

Regards Ian.