View Full Version : FIX: For Settlers 7 - Video Mode Error: -2 - Windows 10

12-28-2018, 03:10 AM
So I have owned 3 copies of Settlers 7 since 2010. I enjoyed playing it and I come back to it every couple of years.

Since last time I played it I have upgraded to Windows 10, I have a much faster machine, better videocard, etc.

My copies were all on Steam. It stopped working. I couldn't play it. I noticed Ubisoft has Settlers 7 - History Edition which is listed as Windows 10 compatible and the Winter Sale is going on so I can pick it up for a little over $7.

Same error. Forums are not much help. I submitted a ticket not long ago and then I thought of some things to try.

I have a 4K monitor as my primary display now. I suspect it is defaulting to fullscreen and some resolution my monitor doesn't like.

I have a second older monitor that is a little higher than 1024x768 resolution, buit not much.

Here is my fix:
1) Run the game on an older monitor that can support at least 1024x768.
2) If the game can launch you can exit it.
3) You now should have an Options.ini file (it doesn't seem to create this unless you successfully run the game). You can get this by browsing to the installation location for your game.
4) There is a line that says Fullscreen = 1. Try changing that to 0.
5) Restart the game. It should be running in a window.
6) Exit it.
7) Try running it on your newer monitor... even 4K ones.
8) If it works, play around with the display settings. Mine would even let me play on a 4K window but I personally settled for 2569x1699 (16:10).

The good news is it works.

Now Ubisoft there is an easy way to stop these errors. Make the game default to running in Windowed mode rather than fullscreen, it's that simple.