View Full Version : Overpower request/idea for 1handed weapons

12-27-2018, 10:42 AM
Currently ingame when you kill an enemy with an overpower attack when wileding a 2handed axe or mace you can re-direct (chain) your ongoing damage to the next victim. This can can be done up to 4 times, which is really awesome. Now i totally understand that each weapon most feel unique and different when used and ubisoft did an awesome job with that.

My request however is that once you have killed an enemy with daggers or sword and the overpower animation is still going on that we should get the option to target that ongoing damage to the next enemy. Currently you just keep beating that already dead enemy while the remainder of the enemies starts lining up around you.

When using a staff and doing an overpower attack you get to change your direction mid animation as well, which makes sense. Wish we could do this with other weapons as well.