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12-26-2018, 11:19 AM
This is the bigest Joke 3. Attacks no stamina and 10 sek you must wait for new stamina, whats the idea, all Heros spam his light Attacks and the Unblockebels, and waht is with the Warlord? He have Asthma, or waht, pleas bring your A.. up and Work now.

12-26-2018, 12:25 PM
Dude, the game is in a really sorry state right now, War Lord needs a fix, but Law Bringer and Goki are entirely unplayable past entry tier.
TBH, For Honor's death kneel was Marching Fire, because well, it made everything everybody hated about this game, IE, stun and stamina drain many times worse, and half of the community that plays nothing but cheese tactics love it, the other half that played heavies hated it because marching nerf broke ALL the heavies.

Then they buffed Conq, if you want a shield heavy, play Conq, only useful heavy on the list besides JJ.

TLDR, Warlord is busted, not worth playing, just play Conq if you want a shield, the liklihood of Warlord getting fixed any time soon is low, the Dev team is too busy making crapy event modes and cosmetics to get any real work done.

12-26-2018, 12:46 PM
I am a Warlord player since Reales ok, i hate the Cong. And Lawdady and Shukoki is not so Defekt how is the Warlord

12-26-2018, 01:26 PM
If anything they are going to nerf warlord in a sense, not because he has a great kit at all but for his out of stamina lock tech pressure

12-26-2018, 03:38 PM
Really all you can do is headbutt spam and light attack. The hyper armor on heavies isn't enough to trade. It needs to activate a bit soon in my opinion but that's not his main problem. The light heavy combo isn't worth it because it almost always gets parried because it's so predictable.

One of his main moves is the shield counter combo but even that does pretty pitiful damage. So much so most people don't use it and would rather zone attack after a parry.

My warlord is rep 21 I think but I recently started picking up other chars because I feel so gimped in 4v4's. He's also the only heavy without a unblockable.

Full block stance is pretty worthless too. The stamina recovery delay is crazy and about 4 hits on it will completely drain your stamina bar. I rarely use it because it's a death sentence. His stamina costs are so high you can't do anything for 7 seconds after because it's paused for 5 and you probably need another 2 seconds to gain it back. That's 7 seconds you are completely worthless , can't attack and risk being grounded by a throw.

When I think of feats I would think his would be more team focused with buffs to allies as a warlord who inspires his allies but that's not the case. Right now you have to build him pure defensively with health buffs and perks otherwise he is even more useless.

12-26-2018, 10:25 PM
On going thread since about 6 months.

How to fix Warlord

Warlord is absolute garbage if you don't want to cheese and OOL only. If you don't he's even worse than Lawbringer and Shugoki.

12-26-2018, 11:08 PM
All they have to do is return him to what he was at launch.

12-26-2018, 11:41 PM
A good warlord or conc are had to find in dominion. Warlord is probably going to get nerfed before he gets a rework since they are trying to get rid of OOL and pin maneuvers. I don't play warlord but he is definitely easier to deal with than shaolin for me as a shugoki. His moves take so long and have such short reach.

12-27-2018, 12:55 AM
This is the bigest Jok 3. Attack no Condition and 10 sek you must wayt for new Condition waht the F.... is this, all Heros spam his light Attack and the Unblockebels, and waht is with the Warlord he hafe Asthma or waht, pleas bring your A.. up and Work now.