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12-26-2018, 01:03 AM
They should get ride of the search parameters when it comes to skill level. Instead they should add gate keeps.

A. Beginner dominion: in order to play this mode you have to defeat 2 level two bots.
B. Moderate: You have defeat 2 to 3 level three bots
C. Advanced: you have to defeat 3 to 4 level three bots.

the matchmaking trickles down so if their aren't enough advanced players to form a lobby it trickles down to moderate. If their aren't enough beginner dominion players than you don't get to play dominion until you git gud or it finds enough players at or around your skill level.

Everyone in the lobby and during battle will show their progression. So if a moderate is playing in a beginners game he will have an insignia show he is a better player and that beginner player might want to wait for backup before taking him on.

So basically a beginner can't join a moderate but a moderate can join a beginner lobby to fill a slot in limited quantities. And advanced player can join a moderate game but a moderate can't join an advanced game. and Advanced player can never join a beginner game and visa versa.

Each character you use will have to be tested against the gatekeepers to see if you are allowed to use that character in a certain lobby. For example if an advanced player never used shaolin before he would have to "test his might" to see were he can play him in dominion buy running him through the gatekeepers.

Also since their is a trickle down part of this equation to better insure quality players and faster matchmaking every character you use will will show his skill level during battle next to your nametag.

A. 1 star general
B. 2 star general
C. 3 star general

Class D..... four star general is given to anyone who has passed all gatekeepers with all characters made at that certain time.

Class F.....King's crown. I don't know what this would mean except if you see it you should run for backup. (maybe it means the player is a four star general who had a kd over 15 the last game he/she played. IDK). The player would have a fire crown floating over his head during the next match as well as the crown nametag.

12-26-2018, 12:28 PM
Is this serious? Not really, is it? I mean nothing beats a good mmr. And experience like levels etc should NEVER factor in actually. If you are new, you start at at a fixed (low) mmr. If you win, it goes up, if you loose, it goes down.
If search times are bad, match broader ranges but show it to people. If one player is diamond or master skill level, show it. If someone is a beginner, show it. Some flags for this kind of stuff replacing our stupid levels would be waaay more helpful.

12-27-2018, 01:04 AM
No its not a joke. I've joined matches where I was clearly outmatched and others were I dominated the other team easily. I've had teammates back out almost immediately because they kept getting rekted. If you don't play a character your familiar with you risk ruining the experience for your whole team thanks to matchmaking as it is now. This brings up the question of how are you going to git gud with a character without ruining the game for everyone else, supposedly, in your skill base? Unless you have arcade mode you can't. You have to muddle through each gank to practice.

Plus how many times have to come across that guy who parries every light you throw? Im on console and when this happens to me it makes me wonder if they are cheating, smurfing, or the matchmaking sucks. I can parry a light if its obvious but some people I face are on a whole nother level of good. I shouldn't be matched with people who can consistantly deflect and parry everthing you throw at them. Im not THAT good.

This system is just an idea to help elevate some of the conditions plaguing for honor dominion.

Its like when you look at all your teammates rep and character they choose and its rank...well you already know thedgame is going to be an uphill battle.