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12-24-2018, 05:18 PM
Hey guys/gals!
Some backstory, I played on xbox in the beta and bought the game and played till first dlc came with cent and shinobi. Dropped the game after that for multiple reasons, biggest one was the turtle meta and free gb of parry (those were the days amirite?). However I returned in the summer this time on pc and was so glad on the changes made to the game! But still, I dropped the game and few days ago decided to play few games and was blown away how fun this game can be. The point of this post is to ask what has changed in Marching Fire and after that, changes to heroes, balance changes etc. tell me everything! :)

12-24-2018, 05:38 PM
Some new things:

- New Faction: The Wu Lin (Consists of four heroes: Tiandi who is a vanguard, Jiang Jun is a heavy, Shaolin who is a hybrid, and Nuxia who is an assasin).
- New mechanic: Traps, which are specific to Nuxia's moveset. They are moves that do damage if they are in the same attack direction as the opponent's block/parry.
- Breach mode: A 4v4 siege the castle game mode. One team defends, the other attacks. New war equipment like a ram for the offensive team and ballistas which both teams can use. Offensive team's goal is to kill the commander. Defensive team protects the commander. Lots of zones for boosts. Ziplines for transportation. Defensive stationary weaponary to burn the ram. Stronger minions.
- Arcade mode: Purchasable mode. Play games that consist of storylines and mini games. Earn rewards. Can play with a friend.
- New gears for aesthics. Peacekeeper face reveal. Nobushi facw reveal. Shugoki can now expose his chest and lawbringer has cool new armors. And other aesthetics were given to other heroes.
- Shugoki has been mega nerfed, but a rework is coming soon.
- All Wu-Lin are balanced, some may consider Shaolin s-tier.