View Full Version : Don't like PvP with Bike

12-23-2018, 09:04 PM
This is gonna go either way, but I'm just gonna be honest. When it comes to the PVP mode right now. While I enjoy I've never liked people who raced with bikes. Me personally there's a fine line of a skill gap that definitely separates to two types of racers. Think about it that 90% of the wins usually leads to bike wins in PVP. Sometimes cars gets lucky to pull top 3 but it's the acceleration and agility that pulls the W. I'd like to wish that there needs to be 3 separate modes for PVP. One that specifically includes anyone who wants to race strictly bike. One for strictly street or hyper. And one as mixed like the current PVP. I know people are gonna say "stop complaining and just race with bikes then you'll be fine" Well I choose to want to have a fair race and not have to worry about always getting placed in the bottom of the standings because literally everyone wants to race with bikes. I choose race knowing I want to try and be more competitive with other people who race cars in PVP then over people who choose to take the easy way out. Need I say as well while the vehicle lvls will always be maxed for every car no matter what. It's nice cause fair so theres no level difference gap for people who might be new or dont have that certain spec, but again me just giving my opinion before anyone tries to tell me I'm crying. I don't like bikes in PVP