View Full Version : Is Assassin's vs. Templars theme dying?

12-23-2018, 04:37 AM
I began my AC journey with Black Flag, which so far remains one of my favorite games. The characters are simply outstanding and being a pirate is just fun.

I also beat Unity and the next game (the one with base of operations on the train), but stories weren't as great as Black Flag and it looked like with each new AC game, the big story, the one about the ancient civilization and the dangers from it to today's world were becoming too secondary...

I spent a good bit of time reading about first three games and the ancient civlization. I really liked it, but it looks like Ubisoft is slowly killing it off or making the out-of-animus story worthless to pump more and more AC games. Is that so???

I'm playing Origins,.level 23 now, and for now there was almost nothing connecting the game to that ancient civilization and Templars...

Please don't spoil the game for me, but I'd like to know whether there is even going to a connection to Templars in the story, unless of course Origins stands for showing how Templars and Assassin's came to be...

I also heard that it was either in Odyssey or in Origins SIDE QUESTS were the ones more connected to Templars and Abstergo than main quests... Is that so? In Odyssey or in Origins or in both?

12-28-2018, 01:45 AM
Hi MonarchX,

There is definitely a lot of things coming your way with the lore of the series. New content is being released on Odyssey about the origin of the assassin's blade.
Good luck dodging spoilers while finishing Origins! :)


12-31-2018, 01:38 PM
I don't get why people like story of BF so much. Gameplay was perfect but that observatory thing was completely stupid idea.

I was also dissapointed with the interactions with Assassins and Templars. I was expecting more.

But for your concern the Assassin - Templar conflict is dead.

The new era of AC is action MMORPG like game with full Fantasy in it. A Little of AC stuff is thrown in just to justify the brand it carries.

Story is made to be as simple as possible so it can reach maximum number of customers.

Profit is now on the first, second, third...... and also on the last place.

Grind and MTs are taking over.

AC in current state is pretty disgusting for me.

I like their new mobile game, but it is also full of MTs and timers.

What I would actually enjoy would be turn based strategy like Xcom, but with no bloody MTs.

It would work well AC universe imho

12-31-2018, 03:15 PM
The new era of AC is action MMORPG like game with full Fantasy in it.I have played neither Origins nor Odyssey yet, but this is something that also made me worry after reading a few articles. Of course the whole 1st civilization topic is sort of fantastic, but it could be real. There could be a war between two secret societies throughout history.

But from what I read there are monsters in Origin... now it depends on how the topic was handled, but to me it sounds stupid. The strength of AC has always been the historic accuracy (under the premise of secret societies). But, as long as I haven't played it I can't really tell.

Keep in mind though, half-assed RPG has already been a part of ACB with the shop quest. Or the large amount of weapons you can buy. Of which you usually just get the strongest one early on anyway. So if they implemented that part in a better way, why not. As long as they keep the plausible setting intact. Please no huge serpents running amok in ancient Greece or something like that... :D

12-31-2018, 10:17 PM
Monsters are well explained in both games.
The problem with Odyssey is that it took full fantasy MMORPG system.

To bad Unity was so badly received as that was a right direction of the franchise and gameplay was the best. I really liked that I could do almost everything silently and that I had a choice how to play and how to build my assassin.