View Full Version : What happened to elimination?

12-22-2018, 04:54 AM
Like, i get that people are usually on the grin with breach or dominion but dang, i can hardly ever find a match these days.

I like elimination as a gamemode not because "1v1 honor crowd take em all on one at a time" but because it actually can be a challenge sometimes. You start off 1v1 sure but from that point on you gotta take care of your guy as quickly as possible, otherwise you risk facing a whole team and i love that thrill. "Will they all come after me? Is it too late to save my teammates? Whats my game plan if everything goes sideways?"

Elimination makes you think about these things and presents you with an opportunity to better yourself as a player without the distraction of "kill the boss, take the points, secure the tributes" its just good ol fashion "come at me mother ****ers, let me see what you got"

I hate that its a dead playlist and i wish there was more incentive to play it like deathmatch orders and good ones. Not the kind thats like "eh, i could do this but its bot worth my time."

Anyway, thats just my thought on it. I know not many others feel the same but id really like to know why, and what ubisoft could do to change that.