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12-21-2018, 02:20 PM
I myself am not disregarding the need for a matchmaking penalty as I fully support punishing people that decide to leave other teammates to suffer because of them. What i am here to complain about is the game not detecting certain critrea that the developers said were acceptable to not recieve a matchmaking penalty. I have recieved a matchmaking penalty on multiple occastion due to an error created by the game itself. On top of that there are other occastion that the developers have not adressed and need to in order to keep the penalty healthy and fair to the players which i'll list bellow.

1. The developers have stated in warriors den that being the last person on a team to leave you would not receive a matchmaking penalty, This is false. I've experimented on the mechanic in dominion , brawl, and breach. Me being the last person that has not quit the game it is expected that i would not recieve the penalty (as stated by developers on camera). That does not happen however as i have recieved a penalty everytime and have not seen this one exception in action at all

2. Group leaders leaving a match and inconsiquentaly every person in that group receives a matchmaking penalty (i know this is iffy but as a person who is not leaving on their own free will this should not happen)

3.Weird grey areas where some people do leave a match and do not receive a matchmaking penalty. I myself have done this and hopped right back into a game even though i was the first and only person to leave that game. So in that sense the matchmaking is flawed on reading who has left the game.

4. Matchmaking penalty on duel and brawls where you are against bots, I have received a penalty on games where i was matched with bots from the gecko (which they also said shouldn't happen)

I have seen many posts on the forums which are complaining about the matchmaking as a core mechanic, that's not why I'm here as if done right I am all for it. I am just here to adress the unfairness of the matchmaking as it is giving penalties to the people who least need it the most and fundamentally should not recieve them in the first place. While simultaniusly letting people who deserve them off scott free to join another game. If you feel like you've seen some of these issues at hand feel free to discuss or add your greivence bellow.

let's get this upvoted and hopefully, a developer will see this and give some positive feedback on the issue at hand.

12-25-2018, 07:58 PM