View Full Version : (Settlers IV) Editor

12-21-2018, 07:49 AM
I start create new map but after 2/5min editor get lag and back to windows screen ... Next problem is save ... because editor save map as (.edm) when all maps are (.map)

12-21-2018, 11:09 PM
If I remember correctly, .edm files are just editor projects; you are supposed to export your map into the game in order to generate an actual .map file.

12-22-2018, 01:21 PM
ok maybe i say something wrong i talk about TS4 History Edition. I export map and like i say game can't see it ... i lose two days thinking about wtf is wrong AND .... i must manualy change (>>map name.edm to >>map name.map) Older version don't have this problem cause editor create .edm and game find .edm ; p but thx Maru for help