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12-20-2018, 08:47 PM
Sorry I like The idea to renove the game allways, but please is many more things to do then arround one game, then invite other game to enter inside of another for question of publicity or I don't know.

Really is many more things to do like change escenas for every battle, I know problem can be the number of back ground have to be 3 for conserved the rooms, but u the server can't change the background battle, for example like one one day and ohter dferent another day with the posivility to change to more scenarys without change servers rooms. so in asault the rhee rooms are now I lke but can be rotate like three japan background, three diferent castles , and like this for every faction in every mode of the game is better invest in work then enter other fantasy variants.

Other infinity choice is the Warriors knight the team can development, like historic contents, all type of gladiators, many cain of types of barbarians and anccients Warriors, troyan, greg, Romans,africans, Aztec. etc..

I think is many resources real for star to mix concept virtuals, I don't know but I know is this game but people like to fight like was bee, like epic versus more ore less real people with real rules, in real battles and to much fantasy can like to childs whithout memory and knowing history, but this game is I think open fro everyone, but more to show how was the art of combat in the anccients times, and for this u have to try to have memory historic or come back from the old school. so for honor is not for child, really. more blood and less fantasy.

I leave this what the people think

12-20-2018, 09:07 PM
I commend you for using a language that is not your first. I'm trying to understand the gist of your post.. Are you saying that this new "Crossover" shouldn't have been implemented because it has nothing to do with For Honor and the lore surrounding it? Like they (the dev team) should implement changes that reflect each of the factions?

I too am always up for games reinventing themselves, but if you are against this "Crossover" then I am with you. Many other things could have been done aside from this random almost nonsensical update to For Honor cosmetic wise and game play wise. I see no reason for it as both games are polar opposites and it just doesn't make sense to me lol.

For me, balance should have already been taking importance over pushing out more content and adding more hero's. It seems like the balance to fighting and match making is still on the back burner so they may push out more content till 2019. We still don't even have a definitive road map to what they intend to do for balance other than it's happening 2019. That could mean the beginning of the year, spring, summer, fall, or even end of 2019. Hopefully its sooner than later..

12-21-2018, 02:27 AM
You can turn off effects, emotes, executions on other characters if the new AC ruins it for you. I personally am okay with it, but I never played AC.