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12-20-2018, 03:54 PM
Hello Just Dancers!

Today we’re thrilled to announce to you the latest improvements we have made to Just Dance 2019 based on the feedback we have received directly from you, the Community.

The update will be available as of 09:00 CET/24:00 PDT on Thursday, December 20 on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, and will also be available at 10:00AM ETC Friday, December 21 on WiiU. The size of the update will be 307 MB on Nintendo Switch, 618 MB on Xbox One, 627 MB on PS4, 420 MB on Wii U (NA) and 512.59 MB on Wii U (EU). Please note that you will need to update and restart your game before you will be able to access our online features.

Find below all of the improvements and changes that our newest update is bringing to Just Dance 2019.


- Menus and navigation, Home Tab, Profile Tab, Songs Tab, Ubisoft Club and Just Dance Unlimited pages, Pause menu and Settings page, Pop-up messages, and Tutorial Screens have all been improved for a better user experience.


- Kids Mode has been made even safer for our young players and their parents. Now, the Just Dance Unlimited songs no longer appear in the Kids Mode song list unless the subscription to the service has already been activated from the Just Dance Classic Mode.


- You can now create your own Custom Playlist from the “+” button in the Playlists Tab or from the pop-up triggered by pressing “Add to Playlist” when a song is highlighted.
- Songs can be added to any Custom Playlist from almost anywhere in the game including the Home Tab, Songs Tab, Search Tab, and the Score and Rewards Recaps.
- It is now possible to navigate through the banner of the playlist to change the order of, or add songs to the tracklist whenever you wish to your Custom Playlists.


- You will now find “Behind the Scenes” and “Welcome” videos displayed in the Home Screen of Just Dance 2019.


- The trigger buttons on controllers that have them now allow jumping between sorted sections.


- We’ve made it easier to create a Ubisoft Club account on Nintendo Switch and WiiU.
- You will now see a display of the scores performed on previous versions of Just Dance on the Song Banner in the Songs Tab section.