View Full Version : Ghost Recon Wildlands Optical Camo glitching

12-17-2018, 11:37 AM
Hey I have a problem if some one can help.
Iíve downloaded special operation 3 and started to play the mission ace of spades Iíve completed the mission and got the optical camo, After that I changed my standart issue backpeck to the optical camo and then the bug/glitch started ,after fast traveling to several locations in the map my character and weapons started to blink I have to say it mostly happens in sunrise time or in sundown time in game play time. Iíve tried to change the video setting on my tv or ps4 and it doesnít work the only way my character and weapons stop to blink is when I change the optical camo to my regular standart issue backpack

I have these videos of the problem:

12-19-2018, 12:01 AM
Hey! Thanks for the report. Can you clarify what face model / hair cut / facial hair / clothes / accessories you are using? We sincerely appreciate the videos!