View Full Version : this is some joke of a product. Even for ubisoft "standards"

12-14-2018, 08:06 AM
i really never saw such a complex "map" yet being that useless like the one in Zombie.
its probably one of the worst mini maps in modern computer gaming history.

and what the hell is it with this zombies?
sometimes you just need one hit with your baseball bat, sometimes you need 10 hits on the very same zombie.
its quite impossible to plan your attacks and tactics with this kind of mechanic. are some zombies skull bones just thicker than others or what it this crap supposed to be?

oh and those helmet zombies, why do i need like over 9000 Carabine shots to remove the helmet, while one pistol bullet removes it instantly?

and whoever designed these control schemes and those backpack menus (at least for PC) must either be a real masochist or has never played a computer game in his life before.

i got this game for free and still feel ripped off for my stolen life time.

i know i will probably never get answers to this question, cause ubisoft... and the game is older than 3 months... but hell, this is some joke of a product. Even for ubisoft "standards".