View Full Version : (DISCORD) Far Cry 5: Gunslingers For Hire

12-14-2018, 06:33 AM
We are a community of gamers looking for game or match. only Elite marksmen (in-game) are encouraged to join. as our solemn motto "Gunslingers for hire" we are Elites/Marksmen for hire. we are Superpowers for hire. join our discord to be paired up with anyone and beat the campaign or New Game+. only the best of the Best and the most Elite players are encouraged to join. when you enter our discord go to the gunslingers-for-hire chat channel and sign up with lfg! command. create a profile on our mini forum by typing lfg!profile then use lfg!platform to register yourself on which platform you play on. use the command lfg!post to submit yourself on the forum and make yourself readily available. if you are looking for someone co-op or arcade, join the gunslingers-for-hire chat channel and type lfg!search then Farcry 5 then look through a list of readily availible players