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12-14-2018, 12:20 AM
Weapons, Proposed Factions, and Rough Combat Abilities

Chakram - Viking Faction, but from African Zulu culture. They would have a limited unblockable attack that would throw one of the three Chakrams the character has and would need to be dodged (roll, dash etc) and would have a large tell like Shinobi (700ms)

Katar - Wu-Lin Faction, but from Persia, a semi asian culture. In Katar fashion, a person has a long cape that is used to distract opponents, in game they can use it to hide their guard but any attacks coming from it acts similar to highlanders offensive stance and that you can't block. (can not counter guard break when in stance, can dodge but not dodge attack)

Rapier - Knight Faction, french duelist. Is an assassin hybrid, so it has a reflex guard. Have a lot of attacks they are soft feinted to attack from a different direction, and rely heavily on deflecting to allow them to continue into chains. Top guard has a superior block light, that when landed grants the attack and a guard break.

Pike - Knight Faction, heavy. zoner (more nobushi not jiang jun) who relies heavily on interrupting attacks with his own attacks. Any chains finished with a top heavy allows him to "board" his opponent knocking them to the ground and draining their stamina. They can start any chain in any direction with a forward lunge attack that knocks the opponent slightly back, has wall splat potential, and opens for any chain finisher.

Forearm blade - Samurai Faction, assassin. very parry and deflect centered, on parry they have 2 options, throw a light attack to continue chaining (guaranteed on heavy or light parry) or a heavy that can be used as a high damage stun and stamina drain that can wall splat (guaranteed only on light parry). Deflecting gives more options, upon deflect they have a zone that can move the opponent they are locked onto in whichever direction they desire, does moderate damage and wall splats, other option is a heavy, which acts similarly to a jiang jun choke, holds opponent in place but they can be thrown for stun and wall splat for low damage.

Tower shield and maul - Knight Faction, heavy hybrid. extra super slow, and very defensive. Has option to attack from all guard, with 2 options, heavy attack that does not follow into chains has hyper armor and always comes from the right, or shield slam. when holding guard breaks like warden instead on shoulder bash it is a shield slam that stuns and does light attack damage, this can follow into a singular chain of a very slow, very high damage, uninterruptible heavy, this heavy can be soft feinted into an all guard. All heavy chain finishers are unblockable minus shield slam follow up, can all be soft feinted into all guard or feinted. to make him less of a turtle, no heavy attack on any parry (shield slam is always guaranteed).

Whip - Viking Faction, vanguard. heavy attacks can not be parried, but can be deflected and blocked/superior block. relies on distancing (being medium ranged from opponent). Light attacks are basic "smack" that do low damage and can be only followed by light attacks. Heavies can not be feinted but they can be delayed and charged, the longer charged the more damage it does and mid swing of the attack it can be cancelled into a nuxia like trap (all heavies can be followed up by a light attack). Once a light or heavy or trap lands, guard break can be pressed again for a leg grab that sweeps the opponent to the ground for a guaranteed uncharged heavy that finishes the chain. (P.S. this character is meant to be what nuxia isn't, a good trap character)

Cutlass - Viking Faction, Pirate like character, mix up intensive vanguard hybrid. Faster jiang jun and highlander per say, in regular stance, he only has 2 move chains no follow ups on parry and deflect, and very poor stamina management, however he can cancel attacks into a stance that grants a new move set - duelist stance. From this stance he gets access to parries, deflects, and dodge punishes, when he gets parried or deflected in this stance he can grab the opponent and knock them out of their punish, does not get an attack from it however, it takes him out of this stance. In duelist stance, he can not block, but he gets access to a crushing counter light in each direction, parries that allow him to follow into infinite chains in this stance, deflects that do the same as parry, and heavy feints into grabs. any light blocked in this stance, takes him out of it and any whiffed attacks.

Wakizashi and sheath - Samurai Faction, an orochi and aramusha hybrid, vanguard. Uses his sheath as a way to bash opponent, heavies can be soft feinted into a bash that allows him to do an uninterruptible 360 degree heavy on left or right side or a guaranteed light attack, both allowing to continue into chains. On parries he will be very similar to lawbringer in that they have many different options, a light that opens up to a unique chain accessible only via parry, this chain which gives him access to any combination of lights and heavies in any direction. Another option off parry is a spinning unblockable heavy that stuns and can continue into a chain. Last option is an unblockable zone.

Reference Images (In respective order)


Credits (Uplay account usernames)

Mr.Zman8 - Wrote the post, helped word things better, provided images, and came up with some of the ideas.
Ye_Old_Taco - Came up with the majority of the ideas, came up with most of the in-game abilities and functions, and helped decide different factions and fighting styles.

12-14-2018, 02:15 AM
Thanks for taking the time to share this!

12-14-2018, 03:27 AM
1. I've discussed the Zulu and the double whip one...didn't see any interest. I discussed a heavy class with a whip-sword and a dragging large mace like the Witch-king of Angmar, also known as the Lord of the Nazgūl...people seemed to like that idea. I've discussed this heavy at length already.

I actually thought their would be more enthusiasm for the Zulu with the circular sword... Was kinda shocked.

2. Another idea for a knight would be a scythe. Probably already been discussed

3. "Jack of all trades" character who can pick up a weapon from the dead.

4. Another that has been discussed is a Trojan with sword, shield and spear.

Ect ect....

Their should actually be a voted contest for what hero people would like to see. I think many people want a brawler or a pirate. I would prefer more heavies in this game as part of what is killing this game in the lower tiers is light/bash spam.

12-14-2018, 12:01 PM
We need Nunchakus! With Spikes. Or don“t, would be a light spam fest

12-14-2018, 04:04 PM
That would be cool, having a section of the forum where the Developers can pitch some of the things they are working on and see which ones the community like the best.

12-17-2018, 06:47 PM
Updated post to add images, credits, and some titles for easier viewing. Also a poll was added, it would be helpful if people voted to see which ones everyone in the community likes the best.