View Full Version : Just finished watching the new Trailer and Live Stream? Let's discuss it here.

12-12-2018, 02:25 AM
Just finished watching the Live Stream.

I'm really impressed with what I saw. The sheer scale of this game is ridiculous. And unlike No Man's Sky there seems to be some depth and a sense of artistry/design that the formerly mentioned game lacked.

While I always remain cautiously optimistic about games like this, I still have some questions and need some answers through future gameplay and features.

1. How the HELL are they going to fit a game like this on PS4/XB1?
2. What is the Artistic Design/Random Generation ratio? It's obvious that each orbital body has at least some sense of story and history about it as seen from the map menu. But how indepth can you really go in that city we saw? And are the other places on the planet's surface copy-pasted with minor differences? Are you able to go underwater?

3. Space related question: Is there going to be space stations? Or how about giant space ships? And will they be explorable on foot? Can you imagine an Alien: Isolation-like scenario where you enter a giant derelict space station with some minor horror elements? The possibilities are endless here.

I got so many more questions but I want to start with discussions on these.