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The story starts off on a air aircraft carrier which is close to the islands of Rakyat. The U.S.S. Intrepid is then ambushed by dozens of Japanese aircraft it is at the point our protagonist spring into action by hoping into a airplane and starts to fight back. It was a valiant effort but to no prevail, after a few enemies are shot out of the air, kamikaze pilots start bombarding the carrier. All the protagonist can doing is watch as all his hopes are shattered and sunken to the bottom of the ocean.

It is at this point the protagonist in his airplane is starting to be overwhelmed by enemie fire and he can see a tiny light out of the corner of his eye. He is running out of fuel he is shot up and the plane is on fire he gets on his radio just as he is about to go in to the water calling for help......

The plane slams into the water the protagonist is struggling to exit the plane and just before he passes out he sees a small shadow of a canoe pass over head

Opening title screen fades in
[Farcry War for Rakyat]

You wake up tied to a post, looks like a interrogation

5 people are discussing whether to kill you or not

Kova : Are you one of them?

Protagonist : one of who??

That when you blip in the coner of the screen pops up (free your self)

Villager 1 : clearly he is one of them
Villager 2 : no his eyes are different
Villager 3 : maybe he is a spy

Kova walks over and put a gun to your head

Kova : if you are not with us then you must be against us

You slowly wiggle your hands free and and wait for the opportunity

It at this point the players will be given an option to fight alongside the people of Rakyat for their home against the Japanese or to face the daunting task alone.

The game is ment to be played helping the Rakyat people so as the players can enjoy the story, the second option is to find a way off the island alone, this story will be exponentially harder for reasons that I will explain later on.

By choosing to wait for a runner that is seen on screen running from the end of the camp up to where the protagonist has reversed the hostile situation.

When the protagonist breaks free he takes the gun for Kova and tuckes it under kova chin, the surrounding Rakyat people all rush towards you guns drawn when you choose to help that when the runner finally makes it at the confrontation and lets everyone know that you are not an enemy of the Rakyat people.

The runner slowly walks towards you and kova and calmly asks for the gun which is then given back tensions ease and the main story line begins to unfold.

1. [If you decide to take Kova's life (this option is not displayed, it is a secret that the players will figure out accidentally if the press the trigger to shoot the gun) the story is cut very short the main mission is then to get off the island.]
After the gun is surrendered the Rakyat people will start to trust you, but the trust needs to be built up by competing in island activities, island contracts, island hits.
Island Activities - hunting, herb gatherings
Island Contracts - Armored Convoys (guarding & attacking), island racing (AI competition)
Island Hits - kill targets (knife, sniper, burn)

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